How to make a cotton candy machine

How to make a homemade cotton candy machine

You all will have eaten candyfloss at some fair, but would you like to be able to make them yourself?

Cesar Garcia Trujillo, has sent us the link of this video where it is clearly shown how to make a homemade cotton candy machine

From the operating principle shown in the video we can expand it with a larger engine and a bottle of butane, almost until we get our professional cotton candy machine.


  • 2 glass juice bottle lids
  • 9V battery
  • sandpaper, wires
  • wires to join the lids
  • dc motor
  • Cardboard
  • kitchen burner

We sand the covers, we remove the central ring from one and we make holes in the side of the other with a nail. They are joined with a wire and fixed to the motor so that the part with the holes is below and the one with the central opening is above.

At the top is where we will pour the sugar. At the bottom we put a lighter, or a blowtorch to heat the sugar and when it spins very quickly it comes out in that form of thread that we pick up with a stick.

The cardboard is used to collect the sugar, it is better to wrap it completely and not just one side as seen in the video, because the machine throws the sugar in all directions

To make colored cotton candy, we can color it in this simple way.

How to make colored sugar

We get out of the technological aspect of the blog, to show you this simple cooking trick.

It is so, so simple that what I have seen interesting has not been the how is it done, but can be colored sugar for cooking. She had never seen it.

how to make colored sugar

So nothing, just take food coloring, and add to the sugar. The rest is just mixing and blending the sugar well inside the pot.

color the sugar

To make it a bit easier, it can be diluted in a little water.

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