How to make a crossbow pencil

We leave this interesting model to build a office crossbow with pencils, a pen and 7 rubber bands.

It is another artifact classified as office weapons.

homemade crossbow pencil

With 4 pencils we will create the structure of our crossbow.

crossbow mounts

And we join the two slats that we have obtained with another rubber, leaving the support of our crossbow ready

office crossbow structure

With a bic pen we will make the cannon that will serve as a guide to locate and direct our ammunition, as seen in the image.

how to make the barrel of a homemade crossbow

We glued the barrel with tape to the structure that we created previously and we have almost finished everything. It only remains to make the elastic handles.

office crossbow assembly

This seems to me the most interesting part and on which we could make variations, the way to locate and join the tensors, which are the ones that will determine the power of our crossbow.

crossbow ammo shooter

In the images we see how he hooks it at the ends and only joins the ends again with zeal.

tensioning rubbers of the homemade crossbow

And as you can see we already have the crossbow finished.

how to make a homemade office crossbow

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  1. seee io lo ise but kn some light kmo modifications to train 4 garters on the tensioner and throw an exo dart kn a pekeña steel rod but in a damn and stupid oversight
    Mothers, it is buried in my hand, it is painful and muxo
    Do not try to do it with pointed objects and less without being sure that the pen is going to support the goal of the chingadera k lansas



    ESA MAMADA¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  2. The ammunition that can be used is the ink from some pens that have a fine point (not the bic). To shoot people it is advisable to use the ink from bic pens with the tip removed.

    A salu2.


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