How to make a homemade Heron fountain

We have seen Clepsydras, Eolipilla or Aeolus of Heron, but we had not yet seen the Heron's Fountain which is a hydraulic machine created by Heron of Alexandria (XNUMXst century physicist, mathematician and engineer) An all-time classic of the fluid dynamics.

The oldest version, that of Heron, was as follows.

how to make a heron fountainThe operation is very simple.

The water is falling from A to C (filled with air and airtight) and pushes the air in C towards B (filled with water), which pushes the water towards A.

Well in the image we have a series of valves that are useful to us to initialize our process, although as you will see it can be done much more at home.

According to the picture. Initially we have the three valves closed and we add water in A. We open V2 and tank B will be filled and opening V3 will bring it to atmospheric pressure. We close the two valves and open V1 for the source to start working.

There are different versions depending on how we assemble the pieces. It is a matter of design and ingenuity but they all work according to the same physical principles that we have explained.

A very simple version is the one we can make at home with plastic bottles and tubes.

But we will see some in operation Homemade Heron's fountain, made with plastic bottles.

Now, in our time, an "Italian master" who is named in many places, but whose name nobody gives, made some modifications and built a machine with laboratory plastic cans and tubes, which is much more simple to operate.

modern heron font

If you want to build a fountain at home, in addition to what you have seen, you can take a look at this simple explanation, where they recommend using plasticine to make the jars airtight.

homemade heron font

Despite what you may hear out there, it is NOT a perpetual motion machine. Heron's fountain stops working after a few minutes.

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