How to make a homemade Trebuchet catapult

Sure you like catapults, everyone likes them :) And if we can make them bigger, better than better.

This that you see in the image is a trebuchet catapult. There are hundreds of ways to do this catapult. From gigantic models, as an old medieval castle assault weapon to small and super homemade models

how to make a trebuchet catapult

Today we start with a small model, and made with homemade materials that will make us enter the bug of creating larger and more complex catapults.

And later we will continue with real catapults.

Well, it's a trebuchet catapult to do in 5 minutes.

homemade trebuchet catapult

As you can see, it uses rules, a piece of wood and a counterweight, but you can substitute each element with what you have available at home.

We attach an outline that clearly shows how is the catapult made

how to make a homemade trebuchet catapult

And although it looks a bit bad here we have a demonstration of how to throw a marble.

Source: Instructables

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