How to make invisible ink

We leave three methods to make invisible ink at home and easily.

First and perhaps the most elaborate consists of introducing steel wool shavings, which we remove from the scourers, into the lemon juice and let it rest between 7 and 15 days.

Invisible ink with lemon

steel wool to make invisible ink

After this time you can start writing and to see it happen, put the paper on top of the fire.

There are a large number of substances that we can use to make the probe invisible, in general acids. let's do tests of each one of them and leave the results

The other two methods are simpler and we see them in the video.

Invisible ink with milk, vinegar or onion juice

Invisible ink can be made using milk and onion juice.

How to view the messages?

As seen, another good method to view the message that has been written with the Invisible Ink It is to pass an iron over it or to make it to a light bulb (if it is an LED, it may not be hot enough) although I still think that lighting a match or a lighter is more fun.

In general, give it heat even with a hair dryer. I already said that the most romantic thing is to use a flame,

Why does it work?

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