How to make an office chair

A good how is it done, we had not posted any for a long time.

There is no sound but you can see all chair manufacturing processes clearly. In this case it is a fiberglass chair. The model is an Eames Shell Chair

Eames Shell Chair

Process of making a chair

how an office chair is designed and manufactured

They start by adjusting the shape of the chair and the backrest to make it ergonomic. They take measurements, adjust and go to plans, to get the necessary measurements and have a design to replicate. The video is old. Today they do many studies and tests on ergonomics.

First design or

A layer of clay is added to the framework that they have obtained and then the patterns taken from the design are added, and with calibrated tools remove the excess clay material and leave an exact model of the design.

This is a very laborious step, working with sea horn clay the perfect measurements.

When it is finished, it is covered with a polymer and we obtain the mold that will be used to produce the fiberglass chain chair. we can see how a large number of seats are obtained with fiberglass.

Please, if you work with fiberglass, take the necessary precautions.

I am missing some explanation of what products you are using each time. If they are polymers, resins and what type. Surely it can be investigated further

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