How to make an orange oil lamp

Ovela lamp made like an orange or lamp if you prefer

This is something a friend taught me a long time ago, With just an orange and a little oil we can get our own oil lamp in a few minutes.

It is true that it does not serve to illuminate us, but it looks great as a decoration at night. If you have a romantic dinner or if you want show a curiosity at a meal or dinner with friends or family.

To make our lamp, we will only need the following materials. An orange and a little oil, I have taken some of them and it has already been used for cooking. This is how we recycle ;-)

; materials to make the oil lamp with an orange

The first thing we have to do is remove the skin from the orange separating it into 2 halves. For that, we mark with the knife and we are separating with the finger, in the video it looks much better.

how to make a lamp with an orange

The part that interests us the most is the tail, which we will use as a wick. We have to remove this part carefully so that it does not break and lose the oil later.

Orange peel as container and wick of the lamp

With this you are practically finished the lamp. We just have to pour oil inside making sure that our "wick" is very well soaked in oil.

But you will see everything much clearer with the video. If you don't follow us, subscribe I want to start posting a weekly video

Here I also leave some photos of the orange. Used as candle, lamp or lamp

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  1. hello, I find them very cool, easy to present in a school project. But I want to know if I can use another type of fruit. Thanks.

    • Well, really the only thing that makes the orange important is that we can take advantage of the tail that remains as a wick. I don't know if in addition to citrus you have any other fruit with these characteristics. If you try one and it works well, please let us know.


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