How to Make Sea Glass, Sea Shards or Sea Glass

Well, many of you will have found on the beach pieces of glass totally eroded by the sea.

This is the marine shards or as many call it sea ​​glass.

We leave you one complete guide on Sea Glass in case you want to dedicate yourself to the pleasure of collecting.

cristas beaches, marine splinters

There are thousands of collectors of these splinters, and as they comment on Fogonazos and in national geographic, it is increasingly difficult to find them.

I also recommend this wonderful article about glass beaches that have become true paradises.

I know it is not as romantic as going to pick it up at the beach, but what the sea takes between 20 and 30 years to polish, we are going to try to reproduce it in 4 hours.

sea ​​shards, sea glass

The method is simple and effective. We just have to take bottles or crystals, break them into pieces and put them into a concrete mixer together with sand from the beach as abrasive and water.

wear glass with a concrete mixer

And, just turn the concrete mixer and we'll wait. To separate the sand from the crystals, it is best to have a sieve prepared.

As you can see in the image the results are quite good.

leave the crystals like those on the beach

Look at the sequence. This is the broken glass, before treatment.

broken glass

After an hour in the concrete mixer we already began to see the effects of erosion

glass after 1 hour of erosion

After 2 hours, it no longer has sharp edges and the erosion of the glass begins to become evident.

glass after 2 hours of erosion

At 4 hours of the concrete mixer, we stopped.

4 hours wearing glass with concrete mixer

Collectors are not going to like it for sure, because it loses all the magic, but perhaps decorators or people who use it to make jewelry, if they can get more use out of this tutorial ;-)


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  1. Hello, because you are interested, I am dedicated to handcrafted jewelry and I have a jeweler's drum, in which the pieces are put to polish, it is used for metals but if you want to use it to make marine crystals they are fabulous, you can look for cattails of how metals are polished and it will give you an idea of ​​what type of stones or ceramics to read for the worn. Sad that natural crystals are running out, but like everything else, man has it!

      • No. The only way would be to polish them, but then it would no longer be a SeaGlass. Think that they do not shine because it has been eroded by the action of the sea.

        So the only thing is to get it wet when you want to look pretty.

      • Hello, one way to polish the edge, without losing the natural shine is to put glass cuts in a container and shake in a circular way or from top to bottom, this I do for several times a day or days, you sift them or pass through a strainer removing the povo of the glass you rinse them and ready to work, because the edge of the glass is freed from the cutting edge

      • Of course! They can be varnished with a glossy finish, they will remain as permanent wet. Some people give them a coat of white paint on one side (generally if the piece is to be glued on a surface. This coat of white paint will incredibly highlight the original color of the piece, at the end gloss varnish on the exposed side and it looks unique! What has impressed me the most is the result of polishing glasses from an old kinescope, they are very thick, so they are very well rounded and the best thing is that it is gray in all its possible tones, without polishing it is already beautiful so after the process are truly spectacular, do not let some old television go to pieces, there is much to rescue.

  2. At home we have tried to make them.
    And they have turned out great. We have extended the time from 4 to 6 hours. and they look very good.
    Then put in water they are spectacular.

    .Thank you for sharing the idea.

  3. Hello I am fascinated by glass but I have a question »how much sand should I put in the concrete mixer to crush the glass… thank you


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