How to make a Tesla coil

Although it is not a step by step, the following video shows us the parts and how to make a Tesla coil, in addition to teaching us how it works.

It is a good introduction to a detailed tutorial of the building a Tesla coil.

It is a resonant transformer invented by Nikola TEsla and patented in 1891.

Coil history

Tesla designed and built it as part of an idea to get energy transmitted around the world without the need for cables.

I wanted to be able to transmit energy and information all over the planet. And overtake other inventors like Marconi with his famous telegraph.

He started building the Wardenclyffe Tower, which is a Tesla coil with a 21m diameter dome. Due to budgetary issues, construction was not completed and it ended up being dismantled and sold for scrap. This, along with Tesla's fame, has created a myth, as to whether it would have worked. But scientists say not.

A video where they explain very well the idea of ​​Tesla, his failure and the competition with Marconi is in this one from Quantum Fracture.

Tesla invested all his money in this project which turned out to be a failure. Tesla's life is really interesting.

I have 2 of his biographies pending.

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