Viking catapult

Here we leave this scheme and construction of a viking catapult. Very simple and easy to do with a wide variety of materials of all kinds.


The rods are made of material that has some flexibility. A good example are catapults made with bamboo, although you can also make it with plastics, wooden sticks even with fiberglass or carbon rods.

As you can see, it is only necessary to join the rods with this form of an incomplete tetrahedron, which is missing an edge, but we hook it at half height. Well better look at the picture

viking catapult

Detail of the basket viking catapult. We use a perforated cap and tied with elastic bands

catapult shuttle

As I have read, these types of catapults are used in Warhammer. If there are any addicts to this game, please confirm it to us.

Despite being a game, it is a more powerful catapult than it seems. be careful if you throw things that weigh like marbles, steel balls or stones. You can hurt.

Large scales

If you think of making a catapult of a much larger size, the materials will be different, you can make them with bamboo, with wood or with PVC pipes.

Size so that you can sit in the middle of the tetrahedron that is formed.

This is a project that I have pending for when the confinement allows us.

If you like catapults you can see our one Trebuchet and a homemade catapult for kids with tweezers.


As we know, the Vikings were a people who loved to raid, fight and rob, especially on the English and French coasts.

We are talking about the year 500 to 1000 AD And although there is no information on what the Viking catapults were like, there are records that they used them. One source is Odo, a French monk who recounts the Viking raids on Paris and how the Vikings attacked using catapults.

Although there is no description of the catapults, there is a description of their ships and other instruments, so this design is an estimate of how they could be using the same materials and way of building of the time.


  • The art of the catapult. William Gurstelle

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