How to make a volumetric water pump

Looking for information on hydraulic bombs, I have found the video of this interesting volumetric pump made by Alvaro Morante and students of the UPV (Polytechnic University of Valencia)

Although I did not have the opportunity, I remember that in the subject of Hydraulic machines, a contest for the construction of hydraulic pumps began to be held to see which one could transfer more water in 1 minute. I do not know if the bomb in the video was for this contest of the faculty of Businessbut it made me remember

With the video we see how simple it can be to make a Home bom. Now we only need to change the power supply and use some type of renewable energy, solar or wind and we have a good pump to save small slopes and use, for example, for some home drip irrigation in our garden.

And here is the first test they did. I love when people also put the failures of their experiments.

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