How to make an electro magnet

how to make electromagnet

An electromagnet is a device that has the property of acquiring magnetic properties when an electric current passes through its coil..

Making a homemade one is very simple as we will see now. You just need an enameled copper wire and something like a core or body, something ferromagnetic like a screw or a piece of iron.

We can differentiate materials into three types: ferromagnetic, paramagnetic and diamagnetic depending on how they behave when magnetized.

It's a experiment so simple that it is ideal to do with children and introduce them to the world of science and technology.


How to make distilled water

distilled water, what is it and uses and advantages

In this article I will explain how to distill water with various methods. We will also see what distilled water is, its uses and the difference with other types of water.

What is

To understand well the process of water distillation we have to understand what distilled water is.

Distilled water It is water from which the impurities and the ions and salts it contains have been removed.

How to distill water

All the methods are based on the distillation of water, that is to say, in its evaporation and subsequent condensation.

Distillation is a separation process, but it is a physical separation, NOT a chemical reaction.


How to make craft paper

how is the craft paper made

Let's explain how to make craft paper with the indications of Jan Barbé who manufactures craft paper in a professional way. You can make it at home if you want and call it homemade paper but. The truth is that it is a real wonder how it explains the whole process, the hows and the whys.

I take the main ideas from the video and add annotations of my own. above all comparing this process with that of the creation of Washi.

I hope the video is online for a long time, but if it is lost at least the indications will remain.

After this, we only have to start making our own paper for different DIY activities and various gadgets.

It will like you, Washi, the Japanese craft paper and our articles on How to recycle paper


How to make a sofa out of pallets

How to make a sofa out of pallets

This summer we have changed an old sofa that we had for one that we have made from pallets. The truth is that it has not been a project of mine, the idea, the desire and the work have been put by my wife. This time I have dedicated myself to moving the pallets from one place to another and to lie down to sleep once assembled.

Pallet sofas are in fashion. They are attractive, beautiful, very easy to build and ideal for terraces and gardens. They are so common that they sell the kit to mount it or the custom cushions.

We have chosen the simplest way to do it. There are so many variations on pallet sofas, but this is very, very simple.

We have several sections on the subject DIY and pallets y Furniture with Pallets


Toy catapult

kids toy catapult

Let's see how to do this simple children's catapult made with clothespins and ice cream sticks. It is intended for children. To spend some time with them building it and then playing launching different types of projectiles.

We will take the opportunity to explain different concepts and data about catapults in history and wars depending on the age of the child.


Drainer for coffee capsules

Homemade drainer for coffee pods

I'm going to teach you to do an extremely simple but very effective drainer for coffee capsules. It is so simple that I was wondering whether to do a tutorial or not, because it is not a step by step, it is a single step. But I love these day-to-day solutions that anyone can do with everyday objects.

But what is clear is that anyone who has a capsule coffee maker, in my case the Dolce Gusto, cannot throw the capsule away for various reasons. Because we pollute and because it empties little by little and the garbage drips from you.

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Tricks and hacks to take photos

I find myself a Cooph's photography tricks video and pulling the thread I end up subscribing to su Youtube channel and being amazed at the simplicity of the tricks he uses and the results they obtain.

Homemade photography hacks and hacks

What it teaches us is to get incredible effects daring to try new things and with a lot of imagination. Although of course, in the end I imagine that the results obtained in the application of the same tricks used by a professional and an amateur are going to be abysmal. I suppose this would give a list of «expected / reality» that we like to see so much

And we take the opportunity to group all our DIY tutorials in the same section with 4 articles of DIY Photography, but we already have a few more tricks on the list.


How to make a homemade dehumidifier

Simple homemade, without any electronics or mechanisms. Let's do a dehumidifier to capture moisture from our closets, rooms or wherever we want.

How to make a homemade dehumidifier

We can talk about 2 types of dehumidifiers:

  • Desiccants that use silica gel
  • With compressor and condensers

Desiccant dehumidifier

We are talking about a method for small humidity, ideal for closets and closed spaces.

It is not a definitive remedy, it simply helps us to have a drier environment.

For small spaces, in containers

I don't know if you know it, but hardware stores and high-end stores sell plastic boxes that absorb moisture.


How to make your own Viking beer mug

Are you a cervercero? Well, this can not be missing in your house. And if you are not, it is the ideal gift, made with your own hands ... Let's see how to make a Viking beer mug.

The "Viking" is what the tutorial says I have not verified that the Vikings did them like that. But we take the license because it's a very, very good DIY out of Instructables.

How to make a homemade Viking beer mug

The jug is made from a wooden log and with basic tools, an ax and a knife. The wood chosen has been elderberry. When choosing wood, it is important to consider the grain and grain of the wood. So that it is not knotty wood, but rather fine-grained and with parallel veins, which will make cutting much easier.


How to make baby wipes

If you are a parent you will use the baby wipes and it is one of those things that since the tests you know that you will continue to use them forever. How to make homemade baby wipes

I bring a tutorial on how to make wet wipes, that we can use well with our baby or for domestic use. A DIY of the «caserotes».

The wipes that we have obtained are very cheap, although it will be difficult to replace the commercial ones with these, it is true that if you have run out and the stores are closed or you have gone on a trip or your baby has some kind of intolerance to chemicals found in commercial wipes, then this tutorial can come in handy for you.