How to run .py files

how to run .py files with Python code

The files with a .py extension contain Python programming language code. In this way when you execute the file that sequence of code is executed.

Unlike a .sh file which executes instructions that any Linux system can execute, for a .py file to work you will have to install Python.

This is the first thing you have to do if you want to start learning to program with Python.

Install Python and check version on Ubuntu and Linux

In order to do this, you have to have a Python environment prepared. On Linux you can

python --version

It returns the version of python that we have installed and if we don't have any we can install it. We use version 3.x and we forget about 2.7.x which is obsolete. We are going to install Python 3 on Ubuntu

sudo apt install python3

It will ask us for the password of the super user and once installed we will check the version again to make sure everything is fine.

python --version

With this already you can run the files. Open the console and go to the folder where the .py is. Suppose we have a file in the Downloads folder

cd Descargas

Now we give you permissions

chmod +x

And finally we execute it


Keep in mind that a .py file can make something visible, something internal that you don't see, or just be a module, that is, a file with Python functions, variables, etc. which is used internally to create scripts and programs.

Execute or read the file graphically

If you want to do it at the click of a button. In this article I explained how to do it. It is a way of leaving any extension configured so that when you double-click it, it asks you if you want to run it or if you prefer to open the file with the software you have chosen. It is explained for .sh but it is the same for any extension.

How to create a .py

I take this opportunity to explain how to create a .py file

To see the code you can use a text editor or an IDE, which would be ideal if you intend to learn to program or if you want to modify the code. Right now I use Gedit as an editor and text and as an IDE I use Visual Studio Code.

The quick way with the terminal is to use the touch command


The good thing about using an IDE like Visual Studio is that you can use the terminal in the same IDE, so that at the same time you create the file you can give it permissions, debug it, etc. All this without counting the amount of possibilities that they offer us.

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