Ithaca of Cavafis

Ithaca, by constantino Cavafis, from the Nordic publishing house

The Three Wise Men have brought me the edition of a book that I really wanted to have. Ithaca of Cavafis, edition of Nordic Books, with translation by Vicente Fernández González and illustrations by Federico Delicado.

It was my first reading of the year. An edition to have as a little gem and to be able to read and reread it while enjoying its illustrations.

Take a look at the booktrailer to fall in love

I think everyone will know Constantino Cavafis, XNUMXth century Greek poet, born in Alexandria (Egypt). Considered the most important Greek poet of recent times. To his well-known poem Ithaca, other works are added such as Waiting for the barbarians o God abandons Antonio.

You can find the poem everywhere. If you are interested in reading it, I'll leave it to you at the end. But what is really enjoyed in this case is editing. It is a whole book dedicated to the 36 verses of a poem.

A wonder that in the few days that I have it, I take it out almost daily to enjoy and reread it. And that feeling, that pleasure, is not achieved in digital. If you like it you can buy it here

Meaning of Ithaca

This poem is already well studied and highly analyzed, you can look for true analysis if it is what you are waiting for. What I leave here are my impressions that I will modify as the poem, based on re-readings and my experience in life, suggests new meanings to me.

What he gives me is advice. Take advantage of life, take advantage of the road in everything you do, in your goals, because what really matters and what will enrich you are the experiences, the difficulties you encounter on the trip or on the way to your goal and not the destination. in itself.

That is why he encourages us not to rush to reach our destination, to our goals, to our Ithacas and to explore, enjoy, live and learn everything we can. To extend the trip and to increase the experiences lived.

It is really a pleasure to read and reread this poem.

The poem

If you have entered looking for the poem here you have it.Poem Ithaca by CP Cavafis (Translation by Vicente Fernández González)

When you set out on your journey to Ithaca,
ask that your path be long,
full of adventures, full of knowledge.
To the Laystrygians and the Cyclops.
Fear not the angry Poseidon,
they will never cross your path,
if your thinking is high, if an emotion
delicate in your spirit and your body nests.
Neither the Laystrygians nor the Cyclops
nor the fierce Poseidon you will find,
if you don't carry them inside your soul,
if your soul does not lift them in your path.

Ask that your path be long,
and many summer mornings
in which -with what pleasure, with what happiness-
you enter ports never seen;
stop at the Phoenician emporiums,
and get hold of their precious merchandise,
mother-of-pearl and coral, amber and ebony,
and sensual aromas of all kinds,
the more sensual aromas you can;
to many Egyptian cities he sees,
to learn and learn from those who know.

Always keep Ithaca in mind.
Getting there is your destination.
but without rushing the journey.
It is better that it last for many years;
and in old age you land on the island,
with all the wealth earned along the way,
without waiting for Ithaca to enrich you.

Ithaca gave you the splendid journey.
Without it you would not have set out.
He can no longer offer you anything else.

And if you find her poor, Ithaca did not deceive you.
With the wisdom that you have achieved, with your experience,
you will have already understood what the Ithacas mean.


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