What is Kippel

kippel, a word invented by Piliphe K. dick to designate useless objects in Blade runner

Preparing a article on kaleidocycles I have come to the concept of Kippel and I could not resist sharing it with you since it is a word that every Maker needs.

Kippel appears in the novel by Philip K. Dick Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Surely better known as Blade RunnerMythical, science fiction novel and movie I read years and years ago. Well, here Kipple defines:

"Kippel is the useless objects, the propaganda letters, the matchboxes after the last one has been used, the wrapping of the newspaper from the day before." When there are no people, the kippel reproduces. For example, if you go to bed and leave some kippel at home, there are twice as many when you wake up the next morning. More and more.
"I understand." The girl looked at him doubtfully, she didn't know whether to believe it or not, not even if he was serious.
"That is the first Law of Kippel," he said. "The kippel drives out the non-kippel." Like Gresham's law on bad money. And in these apartments there is no one to share the kippel.
"So he has taken over everything," the girl concluded. "Now I understand."
"This place," Isidore continued, "this apartment you have chosen, is too kippelized to live in." We can reject the Kippel factor; We can do what I told you, search the other apartments. But…
It was interrupted.
-But what?
"We can't win."
-Why not? The girl came out into the hall, closing the door behind her. She modestly crossed her arms over her tall, small breasts, and faced Isidore, eager for understanding. At least that's what it seemed to him. She was attentive.
"No one can beat the kippel," he continued, "except perhaps temporarily and at a certain point, like my apartment, where I have struck a kind of balance between kippel and no-kippel, at least for now." But someday I will go away, or die, and then the kippel will dominate everything again. It is a basic principle: the entire universe is moving towards a final phase of absolute kippelization.

Although it uses kippel as the concept of entropy, by its definition is the perfect term for all that we store, pile and keep. I hope it helps you and you add it to your vocabulary.

¿What Maker, Hacker or DIY enthusiast is not surrounded by Kippel? Who doesn't keep totally useless objects just in case? Who does not create something that is worthless but has it there just because? Who doesn't buy things that they like and that really are Kippel?

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And what do you call all this? Technological garbage? Things that I pile up? … Well, from now on you know.

And I can't finish this post without putting this video. I'm sorry…


4 comments on «What is Kippel»

  1. You are right, when we were in school, some colleagues rented an apartment near the school and it became a meeting place to carry out projects (engineering), a corner ended up being called the corner of science, and you could find everything for The projects, of course, analyzing it, all that came was Kippel, I didn't know that all this already had a name, thanks for sharing it.

    • Hi Ricardo.

      It is not an official name, but it is nice to know that someone gave a name to all that we have never known what to call.

      I already use Kippel and I'm indoctrinating people, hehe

  2. What a great book and how little the concept of Kippel was captured in the film! In Spanish, at least in the editions that I have read, I have also seen it translated as garbage. That mixture of garbage and grime that wraps everything up. I think (perhaps for the first time), the free translation of the term is almost more accurate than the original term.

    PS: I see that the entry is old but I just came from Menéame, so I suspect a flood of comments will arrive shortly!

  3. Great Movie, the book as well. Adopting this word because it means that in this story it does not say much, in fact nothing, the author I do not think it was random or a spelling error to put it in this story, it has a foundation and that is the great mystery that this note leaves .


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