My 85 ″ LCD Writing Tablet LZS8,5 (Boggie Board)

This is the story of how unintentionally I ended up with an LCD Writing Tablet. I was browsing, like every day and I saw an offer on Gearbest for what I thought was a digital graphics tablet, we are like the Wacom but at € 8. Eight euros !!! As bad as it was, it was worth doing 4 things that I sometimes have in mind. So I bought it.

Review of my 85 "LCD writng tablet lzs8,5

The surprise comes when I receive it and I see that it is very fine and that it has nothing to connect it to anywhere, or to load it or anything. So I went back to the file and yes ... I have in my possession an LCD Writing Tablet, which in the rush I think the name misled me. Some call it Boggie Board, although this is a brand that represents the product.

What is it?

If you've never seen or heard her It is similar to the magic boards that we had as a toy, where you write and then erase. With the tablet we can write, take notes, etc. as seen in the images in the article. Once we click on the garbage can button that we see on the side, the entire screen is erased and it becomes black again. Here is a mini video.

What is?

After the initial disappointment I thought about what I could use it and it's not so bad, it's more and more I use it more and more. I have started to use it while I work to write down things that I used to leave on paper, temporary things. And above all it is helping me a lot with the Coursera Machine Learning course that I am doing, because the exercises and exams I scribble and write there and I don't waste paper. Without a doubt, it is a good substitute for those of us who like to write down things that we never use again.

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LCD writing tablet to take notes of the machine learning course

It is interesting because as you can see, the line is fine and therefore comfortable for this type of task. What's more it is pressure sensitive and we can make different stroke widths.

I know that there are those who put it in the fridge to leave messages, such as where the car is, notes, appointments, etc. But as a substitute for paper on some issues it's fine.

The Wuxing LZS85

I bought it in Gearbest, but if you are interested I would look for a superior model or one of the ones that I comment at the end of the article

There is not much to talk about these gadgets. Specifically, the Wuxing LZS85 has 8,5 ″. An interesting size that already gives you enough space. Less than this I see it small to use as an exercise board. The standard sizes of these types of devices are 8,5 ″ and 12 ″

It is quite plastic, although it weighs very little. The main defect that I see is the contrast that is low, I would increase it, although it looks pretty good, I would like it to stand out much more, to contrast more the green with the matte black of the background.

It does not allow deletion by zones. If you delete you do it from the whole screen.

It is sensitive to pressure. The more you press, the fatter the line is, although it is not very fine. I think we could control like three thicknesses. If you press a lot, it does make it fatter perhaps a couple of millimeters, then there is the fine line and by controlling a lot we would make an intermediate one. By testing, I have come to tighten too much to see how thick it was and then the part does not quite go away. You don't realize if you don't look, but it remains blurred in the background. this does not happen in normal strokes. So you know, don't go overboard.

They don't connect to anything like I said. It does not have to be charged, but it does have a CR2032 battery for the erase system to work.

Although this tablet does not display the data, but other brands indicate that last 500.000 deletions, while those with a multicolored background stay at 100.000. The multicolored background is only to make it more beautiful if you do it to draw, they are ideal for children. An example

multi color background writng lcd tablets

Other LCD Writing tablets or Boggie Board

For the price it has cost I am happy, now well, If I had to consciously buy one because I like the product, I would look a little more and for a slightly higher price I would take other models of higher quality.

This 12 ″ GrandBeing  that size is another league. And the Newyes of 12 and 8,5 ″ I would go to another Newyes, but come on there are many models and a lot to look for.

Grandbeing LCD writing tablet 12 "

What to look for to buy one

I have been saying it throughout the article but I summarize it here

  • Size: the most common are 8,5 ″ and 12 ″ although there are 9,7 ″ and other different sizes
  • Price:
  • Color: If we want it with a single color background or we want it multicolored
  • no. of erasures: they range between lso 500.000 in one color and 100.000 in multicolor
  • If we want it to store what we write and be able to transfer it to the computer. these models are not so cheap anymore.

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