Lego® Charm | Disney. The Madrigal house and more

The movie collection Disney charm in LEGO consists of three sets. It is ideal for all fans of the adventures of the members of the Madrigal house, Mirabel, Bruno and all the members of this curious house.

Choose the set that you like the most. If you don't have it yet, start with...

The Madrigal house (43292)

The Set recreates the famous Madrigal house from the movie Enchantment on 3 floors. Main element of the film and that we could consider as one more character, since the strength of the Madrigals and their powers lies in the importance of the family, and in this case it is represented by this funny house with magic doors, secret passages and tiles who communicate with Mirabel.

lego madrigal house charm

The 43292-piece set (587) comes with 3 characters. Grandma, Antonio and Mirabel. It is a house with 3 floors and 5 rooms.

The following kits are different, because they are the rooms of each character, in the form of a briefcase, when it is closed it is the magic door and when you open it it is the room. They can be locked and transported wherever you want.

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Antonio's magic door (43200)

Antonio is the smallest member of the family and the last to awaken his gift or power, which consists of talking to animals. His room is one of the funniest. A jungle full of animals everywhere. This door is his room.

lego antonio room

The set (43200) has 99 pieces and includes various characters. Antonio, Mirabel and various animals.

Isabela's magic door (43201)

Another magical door, only this time it corresponds to Isabela's room, where we can have tea and create flowers.

lego isabela's room

The set (13201) comes with 114 pieces. And of characters Mirabel and hers two sisters of hers.

No one talks about Bruno

The famous song seems to come true this time. «Bruno is not talked about – no -no»

And it is that I miss other sets that I would have liked a lot. I would definitely have loved to find a set dedicated to Bruno, be it his old room, or the hole in the wall where he lived or something related, but he is one of the most interesting characters in the whole movie and deserved to be represented with a kit for him. only.

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