Courses to learn Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial intelligence

courses on machine learning, deep learning. The importance of data

These are the best resources that I am finding to learn about Machine Learning, Deep Learning and other Artificial Intelligence topics.

There are free and paid courses and of different levels. Of course, although there are some in Spanish, most are in English.

Free courses

For starters

I divide it into short courses (from 1 to 20 hours). These are for a first contact with the subject.

Complete courses, from beginner to advanced

  • Machine Learning by Andrew ng Probably the oldest and best known ML course. I have attended it last year. It is quite theoretical. You learn the basics of how machine learning works but I think it needs more practical load. Left a link to the review I did this course in case you want to know it.
  • Course fast AI by
  • Intermediate Machine Learning taught by Kaggle is the continuation of the beginner course we have seen before. You will get more accurate and useful models.
  • Deep Learning by Google (3 months) (Intermediate to advanced level) Developed by Audacity with Vincent Vanhoucke, Principal Scientist at Google, and technical lead in the Google Brain team.

Paid courses

Surely the best course to learn Deep Learning and Machine Learning.

  • Deep Learning Specialization by Deep Learnin AI - It is a group of specialization courses in Deep Learning Specialization. Master Deep Learning, and introduction to Artificial Intelligence. The specialization courses led by Andrew Ng to learn DL. It is a paid course, it consists of 5 sub-courses and you pay $ 40 per month until you finish it (it is estimated approximately 3 months - about 11 hours a week but you can do it at your own pace. The five courses are:
    • Neural Networks and Deep Learning
    • Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization
    • Structuring Machine Learning Projects
    • Convolutional Neural Networks
    • Sequence Models

Other resources

  • Kaggle Competitions It is one of the best ways to put everything you are learning into practice and therefore learn more and for real. These are real competitions where they pose us problems and give us the datasets.


And to complete the information and interesting resources about Artificial Intelligence this book

Python for Data Science

One of the main skills that are required to learn, or rather to be able to work and use ML, DL and AI is to know Python. We could also use R or other programming languages ​​but Python is the most used and I recommend using it since it will serve many other areas.

In Kaggle you can find a small course with the basic content for beginners who have never touched python.

I'll keep updating the list with more cool things I find. If you know any that have not been listed, you can leave a comment.

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