How to make a hypsometer or angle and distance meter

Well call him hypsometer, but I am not very clear that this is a hypsometer, but a tool to measure angles or heights.

According to RAE un hypsometer is a apparatus for measuring height above sea level based on the boiling point of liquids.

So we will call you angle, distance and height meter waiting for a reader to leave us a comment with the name of this tool.

how to make a hypsometer


How to make a magnetic stirrer

For many experiments, on all those related to chemical products, a magnetic stirrer.

So here we bring you how to make a homemade magnetic stirrer

magnetic stirrer with recycled parts

As you can see, we will use a fan from a PC source to which a neodymium magnet from a hard disk is attached.


How to make a volumetric water pump

Looking for information on hydraulic bombs, I have found the video of this interesting volumetric pump made by Alvaro Morante and students of the UPV (Polytechnic University of Valencia)

Although I did not have the opportunity, I remember that in the subject of Hydraulic machines, a contest for the construction of hydraulic pumps began to be held to see which one could transfer more water in 1 minute. I do not know if the bomb in the video was for this contest of the faculty of Businessbut it made me remember


Home Electric Go Kart

After watching this video, I am sure you will be looking forward to build your own electric kart. The one in the video is about a homemade electric car, home made as the americans call it

Neurotikart home electric kart demonstration

And if you are not clear, look at how the evolution of this works card to be totally convinced of wanting to do one. 6 battery instead of 4 and that reaches 85 km / h


Wimshurst Machine

We have copied the text below that describes the Wimshurst Machine, because there are certain things that when modifying them they can only go to but ;-) The source: Homer's Page, a website that I recommend to all ...

Invented by James Wimshurst, first described in 1883 and used, among other applications, as high voltage source for early X-ray tubes, It is a electrostatic machine, consisting of two discs of insulating material, parallel, very close to each other and arranged on the same axis, in such a way that they can rotate rapidly in the opposite direction.

wimshurst machine plans

Its rotation is carried out with the help of a handlebar that acts on two pairs of pulleys joined by an endless rope, one of them crossed. The outer face of each disc has several metal sectors glued near its edges, which during rotation are rubbed with two flexible metal wire brushes, held at the ends of a metal bow.


Chaos machine or double pendulum

I should have put in a tabloid sci-fi title 'How to make a Chaos machine»That it seems that we are going to build a machine of mass destruction or a 30th century invention.

But the contraption that we show in the post, although it is a chaos machine, it is not a weapon, but a double pendulum used in physics for the study of Chaos Theory.

Although you may have been a bit disappointed, I'm sure you like the video ;-)


Build a homemade electroscope

Through the Science in the XXI feeds looking with the mind, I find an interesting post with botched electronic experiments. And there I discover the Electroscope and the search for information begins.

Un electroscope it is a really simple way to know if a body is electrically charged or not.

The electroscope was created by William Gilbert And although it is no longer used today as much more powerful and effective devices have been developed, it seems ideal for a physics experiment to be done in a laboratory class.

A diagram of the electroscope assembly would be as we see in the image obtained in Thales


electroscope construction scheme