4D printing

I find out what it is 4D printing and despite thinking that it is something new, looking for information I realize that I already 4D printing has been talked about since 2013. Even so, I think it is something to keep in mind to follow up and see how it evolves and if this technology can one day be used at home.


The Reamed

reaming process with which holes are enlarged
File source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:ReamerMachineSpiral.jpg

Reaming is a chip removal process with which you want to enlarge a hole and achieve a certain surface finish and certain dimensional tolerances. So it is a finish of the holes that are made in the reamer.

El reamer is a tool similar to a drill, to which we tell it to make two movements, one of rotation on its axis and another of rectilinear movement along the axis.

We can carry out the finishes with a machine tool or manually.

Reaming should be done at low cutting speeds. A very small amount of material is to be removed.


Metrology Fundamentals

fundamentals of metrology and quality

La metrology It is an essential activity in any company that is dedicated to producing objects. Today any piece has to meet a series of characteristics of quality, dimensions, surface finish and tolerances. That will define the quality of the piece. A professor of mine defined quality as the ability to produce identical parts within certain parameters

Metrology It is the science that deals with the study of measurement units and measurement techniques.

Workshop Metrology It is the part of measurement in mechanical construction.

The objective of Metrology is to determine a measurement while also providing its uncertainty margin.

Measurements can be:

  • Direct: when we directly obtain the value of the measure
  • Hint: when the value is obtained as a result of performing a series of operations


Kanban method

kanban board

If you remember when the subject of JIT (Just-In Time) or Toyota method, it sure will ring a bell the Kanban concept. Basically it is an information method capable of providing greater control to the manufacturing processes, making the productivity of the factory improve. Especially when there is a cooperation between several companies supplying parts or materials for production.

This system also known as card system, since it is based on the use of simple cards where the necessary information about the material is displayed, as if it were a witness of the manufacturing process. However, with the digitization of companies, it has been possible to improve the traditional card systems (post-it) to combine them with digital systems.


CNC numerical control machines

CNC numerical control machines and tools

Our numerical control machines They are now present in a multitude of industries, and also in other companies such as workshops where metal or other materials are machined. With this type of machine it is possible to save time and to be able to carry out machining of parts with much more precision than manual methods with other types of tools handled by the operators using handwheels, levers, or with their own hands.

CNC stands for Computerized Numerical Control or by computer

This type of machine got greatly improve the quality of the pieces obtained, lower costs, increase productivity, and what is more important, achieve greater homogeneity between the parts produced by these methods.


Injection molding

injection molded lego parts
File source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Lego_Color_Bricks.jpg

Although it may seem similar to the extrusion, there is no confuse injection molding with extrusion. In this case, molds are used instead of the die, although the first part of the procedure may seem similar to extrusion.


Extrusion Molding

aluminum profiles obtained by extrusion

There are many industrial procedures to form parts, one of them is extrusion. In this case, it is cheap and very practical for many soft or cast materials that can be molded very precisely and quickly by this process.

Check the injection molding, since it is not the same but many times it is confused.