Modifying maintenance

what is modifying maintenance

El Modifying maintenance is possibly the most overlooked and underrated type of maintenance, but it is no less important for our projects and our maintenance plan within any company that wants to work on maintenance in a professional way.

We remember the different Types of maintenance that exist and of which we have already spoken and some techniques such as RCM

The concept of modifying maintenance includes activities that are not typical of the maintenance department but they are complementary and we must take them into account and work on them.

Examples of these tasks are:

  • The first installation of the equipment.
  • Attach new accessories
  • Improvement and modernization work.
  • Renovation and reconstruction of work teams.
  • New studies and jobs.
  • Participation in research programs.
  • Technical advice.
  • Reception and reviews of new material.
  • Commissioning of new machinery, verification of performance according to the contract.

A last important point is the maintenance of accessory installations: electrical lines, air conditioning, compressed air, sanitation, telephone, etc.

How we have said the modifying maintenance is el great forgotten within maintenance, still being an essential task. Many times it can be done independently of the other types of maintenance, including workshop work, if it is a company where this is applied.

With an example I think it can be seen better.

In a maintenance plan for a transport company, modifying maintenance would consist of improving the vehicle, aspects related to comfort, remodeling to improve performance, safety or external appearance.

And you use the modifier in the maintenance plan of your company?