New themes and new direction of the web

New direction and new themes for the web

Now yes. It is the biggest change in Ikkaro in 12 years. And look, I've done things on the web and on the web. After much thought I have decided to turn Ikkaro into a more personal website. Until now everything I published passed a filter. Everything was closely related. Now some things are going to appear that can deviate from the usual course. But I know that as important as the chosen topic is the approach, the way of presenting it and the consistency with the rest of the web.

I want the web not to be an end but to use it as a means, as a tool. I want to stop posting just finished things to start using it to gather information on things to do. Of ideas that arise, of tests that fail.

Why am I not going to tell an experience or a talk that I have had with someone if I have extracted interesting things? From the moment I make Ikkaro my only personal website, the whole context changes. I will win in fun.

In the end, we are everything we do, everything that happens to us and interests us and it is good to reflect it here. I have already unified some websites and themes that I had dispersed and that are already integrated in Ikkaro.

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The topics I have added so far are:

Machine Learning a discipline in which I am starting and that I believe is going to be more and more important in our daily lives

Repairs. Every time I spend more time repairing objects and I consider it more important. From simple toys to books or household appliances. I try to extend the life of things to the maximum and if we all did the same I suppose that the planet would improve even a little. The complication is that I am not an expert in walking in particular, but telling my experience it sure helps a few.

Software. Another topic that touches me closely. They consider me the computer scientist of the family, although I am not a computer scientist and it shows. The topic of software management, talking about useful programs, even security and programming will be another point to be exploited in this new stage. Maybe I should have called her "Informatics»

Books. With the book section I have had great doubts because it is the first that perhaps something of the subject comes out.

[highlighted] I have half-assembled Nature, sorry: S [/ highlighted]

Nature. Surely the most important novelty comes with the Nature section. A folder where I will leave files, notes, observations on plants, animals, meteorology, geology and many other topics related to "Nature." I have called it Diary of a naturalist, but it is a place where I can collect what I learn and which I can then refer to. Just as the rest of the news are extensions of blog topics, this is a real new section. Everything that is inside nature is with the url

All the news except Nature will appear in the feed and on the main page, and in Social Networks. Nature, it is not a blog format, it is just a large notepad where you can write down things, a kind of personal Wikipedia and it makes no sense for all the news to appear. When there is something cool I pass it on social networks. You can enter the main section through the menu link.

access to the nature section from the rest of the web

I leave out all the Webmaster themes that I am not going to touch at the moment. I doubted whether to talk about SEO, WordPress, CMS, let's do what I do professionally, even if it was in a separate section like with Nature, but it is not what I most want. If you are interested, say so and I'll see it in the future ;-)

And now that I am released from the pressure and that I regain control to write what I want, well I enjoy again :) I hope you like everything new that comes.

6 comments on «New themes and new direction of the web»

  1. Good initiative and I hope everything goes well. It would be about 10 years that I see the page. I came looking for home experiments and I stayed. I never comment, in fact this should be the second comment, but whenever I can I catch up with the publications ..
    Good luck in everything

  2. Hello Nacho, I have considered the same thing that you write in this post. I too, for many years, have maintained a certain editorial line, with excellent public and participation results. Notwithstanding that, in the last few months I have had the desire to be more free on the issues, telling experiences, touching arguments related to programming and other things. After a few posts, with discreet results, I have begun to wonder if in reality, with these changes, I am not trying to avoid a deeper problem: perhaps my blog is reaching the end of its cycle.
    I would like to know your opinion.

    Gabriel (inventable)

  3. Hello Gabriel.

    I believe that your blog is not coming to an end due to its theme, another thing is that you think about it because it is no longer fulfilling to write nor do you want it to be an obligation to lock yourself within a theme.

    I've been looking at the two blog posts you have posted and for me what is missing in those posts is the potpourri. I explain.

    It seems to me that it is if instead of posing it as deliveries of a series Logbooks # 1 # 2, etc, you would give it a normal title related to what you describe inside it would be much less out of place.

    Reading the articles I believe that each of the things you comment gives you an independent article.

    - Experiment with ferrofluid
    - Camera that rotates 360º
    - Brionvenga
    - Home Lightobox
    - Photocoupler
    - Tone booster

    and so. These are all songs that you can develop independently and that I'm sure people love and integrate perfectly into the blog's theme.

    For my part, I am covering many more things, Ikkaro has always had a broad editorial line, but this time I go further, but I always try to follow a common thread. But I want the blog to ultimately entertain me and help me remember and structure my ideas, as well as to spread and help people.

    By the way, why do you say they haven't been well received? I see comments on both

    a greeting



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