How to make craft paper

how is the craft paper made

Let's explain how to make craft paper with the indications of Jan Barbé who manufactures craft paper in a professional way. You can make it at home if you want and call it homemade paper but. The truth is that it is a real wonder how it explains the whole process, the hows and the whys.

I take the main ideas from the video and add annotations of my own. above all comparing this process with that of the creation of Washi.

I hope the video is online for a long time, but if it is lost at least the indications will remain.

After this, we only have to start making our own paper for different DIY activities and various gadgets.

It will like you, Washi, the Japanese craft paper and our articles on How to recycle paper


Washi, the Japanese craft paper

wsahi, Japanese craft paper

El Washi also called Japanese paper, Japan paper or Wagami, it is a typical craft paper from Japan. It is the highest quality paper that exists and in Japan it is used in a multitude of objects. It is found in all kinds of products, umbrellas, jewelry, lithographs, wedding dresses, masks against the coronavirus, etc. It is a ubiquitous type of paper in Japan.

Today you can find handcrafted washi and machine made washi. But The process of making artisanal washi has been an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Unesco since 2014 in recognition of papercraft in three locations: Hamada (Shimane Prefecture), Mino (Gifu Prefecture), and Ogawa / Higashi-chichibu (Saitama Prefecture). This is a distinction to traditional manufacturing techniques.

It is a very fine, resistant and shiny paper that does not yellow over time. With a weight of 5 to 80 g / m2

You will like our article on recycled but above all that of how to make craft paper.


Dodecahedron calendars for 2018

2018 dodecahedron calendar

If you're looking for calendar for your desk for 2018, beautiful and that is cheap and easy to build nothing like these printable templates to make dodecahedrons. As you may have already thought, there are 12 faces of the regular polygon, one for each month :) In his day we talked about perpetual calendar, which is another good option to manufacture well in wood, paper or cardboard.

The templates of the assemblies in the article are made with the following online tool, very intuitive and easy to use. It's about a dodecahedron calendar generator.

It is very, very simple. You choose between the two types of dodecahedra that it offers, the year of the calendar, language, if you want the week number to appear or not and the format it generates, which can be PDF or postscript and download.


Origami Software

Tools and software for pattern design and legacy of origami

In this article I leave a selection of the best tools of software for origami that currently exist.

For origami lovers Or Origami we bring different free programs that with a little practice will take you to another level... something like Origami Jedi.

The design programs for origami They have improved a lot since we created this article. The ones we listed have become obsolete or have disappeared, while much more powerful and interesting options have come out.

origami software

Going deeper into this type of programs, we realize the great amount of mathematics on which they are based. Just to say that there are people who are dedicated to studying the mathematical theory of Origami and it is this knowledge that is then used in the design tools.

It is not a trivial issue, you will see that it is more complex than it seems a priori.


How to make a paper crab

It's been a long time since we had an origami activity, so today we bring you how to make a paper crab. We mainly find two types of crab models. Choose the one you like the most. I leave several videos of each

UPDATED. I have changed the original videos that I posted in 2010. There are many more and better videos today, and they correspond to different types of paper crabs. So I have updated the article with a few that I liked. Enjoy them

But I warn you that the level of this activity is medium-high, so do not despair ;-) In the videos you can find the detailed step by step for its modeling. If you get involved or do not have a clear step, you can stop the video. It's a great help.


How to make homemade paper helicopter

More than helicopter i think its a paper autogyro. But I was amused. We could say that it is based on the seeds of the maples, but that is already my assumptions.

autogyro maple seeds