How to make a sofa out of pallets

How to make a sofa out of pallets

This summer we have changed an old sofa that we had for one that we have made from pallets. The truth is that it has not been a project of mine, the idea, the desire and the work have been put by my wife. This time I have dedicated myself to moving the pallets from one place to another and to lie down to sleep once assembled.

Pallet sofas are in fashion. They are attractive, beautiful, very easy to build and ideal for terraces and gardens. They are so common that they sell the kit to mount it or the custom cushions.

We have chosen the simplest way to do it. There are so many variations on pallet sofas, but this is very, very simple.

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  • 6 euro pallets
  • Pallet cushions (store bought)
  • paint and / or varnish
  • sander

Most importantly, the pallets. For our sofa we have used 6 euro pallets. Really 5 because we didn't have more but we are waiting for the last one to be brought to us.

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We use Euro pallets, just like everyone else, because they have standard measurements. Any euro pallet you know measures 1,2m x 0,8m x 0,144m. You can buy them new or second hand or if you know someone who can take them out of work it is ideal.

There is one that is not a europalet, it is a normal pallet but of the same measurements, so we consider it valid and we will use it the same. Euro pallets have become very expensive.

In this way I have assembled a 2,4 meter sofa, which is enough to lie down quietly.

Before using them, they must be treated. First sand them well, so that there are no splinters. And then you can either paint them or use some varnish to protect them and they will be out in the open.

The basic way to assemble the sofa is by stacking 2 pallets on the floor and using a third as a backrest, as seen in the image.

I have not joined them. They are loose. If you prefer a rigid unified structure you can use glue and bolts. Even add some armrests that give it more rigidity.

Our structure, the simplest there is, allows us to move or remove it at any time.

simple pallet sofa

From here you can make all the variations that you can think of. There are those who add wheels to be able to rock it, who use an additional pallet and create armrests on the sides.

The cushions

pallet sofa cushions

In many places I have seen that they go to stores where they are cut to size, etc. But in decoration stores, bazaars, Chinese stores, etc. they usually have kits like the one in the image above prepared for the pallets, with the perfect measurements.

That combination of 4 cushions has cost us € 29

Recycling the old sofa

recycle parts of a sofa

This has been my thing. Although it looks like an armchair, it is the corner of a sofa that we used independently.

I started to disassemble it because it did not fit in the car and I wanted to take it to the eco-park and in the end I ended up taking advantage of almost everything.

From the beginning I said that I was going to keep the background fabric because it helps me make vertical gardens with pallets. It is the one used as a background to support the earth and plants.

old sofa fabric for vertical pallet garden

I teach it in a little more detail

vertical garden fabric

And removing that fabric and seeing the insides of the sofa I couldn't help it. The entire chassis, the structure of the sofa is made of solid wood slats.

recycle sofa frame

So I have started to scrap it completely.

In the photo above you can see all the pieces that I have recycled. Almost everything is wood from the frame that I have to finish by removing pieces of fabric and staples and sanding it. Then I have also saved the fabric that I have mentioned and some straps that were used for the seat. Oh, and the non-slip bumpers.

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  1. The pallet sofa is basic, although I suppose that it is what I wanted to be able to move / disassemble it. What I can't find are cushions at that price anywhere ...


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