Praise for the slowness of Carl Honoré

I did not like the book and I do not recommend it. I start strong. Too bad it was my first reading of the year. And this happens to me for not starting the year reading The usefulness of the useless, a 2 year tradition that I will not let lose.

As for Honoré's book, I think it has more than half the pages left over. I have been debating whether to write this review or not, but since there are always positive things, I leave them here written down in case in the future I want to review a topic that has caught my attention. May this blog become my memory.

Praise for slowness. A worldwide movement challenges the cult of speed

I already said it, as a book I find it repetitive. A lot of. I think he has made it too long because he repeats the same arguments over and over again throughout each chapter and throughout the book. Yes, putting different examples but always based on the same.

The book begins seducing. All to a greater or lesser extent are in a rush. The beginning seems like a revelation, with a moderate argument. You do not have to make a radical conversion to slow movement, but simply reduce the speed in certain activities, etc.

And this is something that I agree would do us all good.

But from here on he repeats it a thousand times around the different environments in which the book divides.

  • Food
  • The cities
  • Body and mind
  • The medicine
  • Sex
  • Work
  • Leisure
  • Children

These are all logical things, which perhaps we have never stopped to think about, but on which we all agree.

If you want an entertaining essay take a look at The tyranny of communication scored by Ignacio Ramonet. A bit old, but very inspiring.

Worst of all book

It certainly occurs in the medicine section, where alternative therapies are encouraged as an option over medicine. And this is where the book has broken, because seeing how it positions itself on this issue has made me distrust everything it says.

Regardless of whether it is more or less repetitive, I no longer know where the magician and where the proven facts. So it has ceased to interest me.

Notes and documents to review

Some of the topics he talks about with examples are:

  • Slow Food,
  • Slow Sex,
  • Slow cities,
  • Slow schooling

To finish I leave this document which is a letter from Harry Lewis to his Harvard students. It is entitled Slow Down: Getting More out of Harvard by Doing Less.

I have not read it but I found it interesting. As soon as I read it, I go back and update the entry. If you want to read it you can download it from Harvard website or from Ikkaro

If you've read Lewis's book or paper, leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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