Recycle old monitor and unload flyback

recycle old computer monitor

I have saved for a long time two faulty Samtron computer monitors, since I don't know how many years ago. The initial idea was to try to repair one with the parts of the other. But nowadays it no longer makes sense to have a monitor of this type, so I am going to disassemble them and keep the parts that are interesting.

The first thing just to open it, and before touching anything, is discharge the flyback so that it does not give us any discharge of several tens of thousands of volts. The operation is similar to the one we do to discharge the microwave condenser. We short-circuit it.

But I leave a step by step so you can see it well.

How to unload the flyback

Really what remains charged is not the flyback but the inside of the black screen, since the glass acts as a dielectric.

Attention this is dangerous. It is necessary if you are going to manipulate the television. But it can store great stresses. Make sure you take the right socks and if you are not sure, leave it.

We take a cable, some crocodile clips and a screwdriver. We will wrap one end of the cable around the screwdriver so that it makes contact with the metal.

Download shorted flyback

You can fix it with a piece of electrical tape so that it does not fall off

download flyback step by step

And the other end to the crocodile clip that will be hooked to one of the steel cables that surrounds the monitor and that is attached to the chassis making ground.

monitor mass
Now using gloves we will always take the screwdriver by the handle and we will touch the flyback and the inside of the screen where the pacifier is so that it is short-circuited and discharged.
download flyback dielectric display
you have to touch the metal connector in the center and then put the screwdriver inside to discharge the dielectric from the screen
Make sure to short-circuit the monitor screen well

This is dangerous, you have to be careful and make sure that everything is properly downloaded

Interesting monitor parts

Things we can keep from the old monitor-

Yoke and deflection coils

recycle monitor yoke with its coils

With the cable we can make a tesla coil or a radio galena. Basic motors that require a lot of winding or mounting a small circuit.

The tube

The screen glass has a lot of lead to protect from the x-rays that are produced in the tube due to the very high voltages that are generated on the order of 20 - 40 kV that are used in accelerating the electrons that are sent against the screen.

With this tube, if the monitor is monochrome, we could make an electron microscope, but right now it is beyond my knowledge.

The flyback

We talk about the Flyback, in this article. It is the part that interested me the most about the monitor, since I want to do some experiments with high voltage.

With the flyback we can build tesla coils and other high voltage machines. They are very beautiful but dangerous experiments because of the tensions with which we work. So if you are going to do something, make sure you understand what you are doing and that you take the appropriate security measures.

Electronics power supply

We can recover many electronic parts of the power electronics part of the power supply: mosfet and heatsinks, transformers, diode bridges, variable resistors, high value potentiometer, in the mega ohm range. Even depending on the model we have,

As soon as I recover these parts that I have to unsolder, I leave them for you to see.

Other parts

I have not disassembled the tube or the screen. For that, you have to cut the neck of the bottle with a radius, if it can be with a diamond disc, so that air enters and does not implode. This part is very well explained in Caesar's video

Several pieces come out as a grid to strain and you can recycle the matches on the screen.

But the truth is that right now I am not interested in recovering any of that.

In the video you can see how he recovers some of these pieces and materials that we have ignored, such as the phosphor on the screen.

As always, caution when working with these materials. If it is not very necessary I would leave them and take them to the eco-park to recycle it.

Exploded View Image Gallery

Here you can see in detail what this screen looks like inside.

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