How to make cheap nylon line replacement for Bosch brushcutters

make cheap homemade spare parts for bosch

This is not in itself a repair, but a little hack to save us money. Bosch spare parts are tremendously expensive and in this article I will show you how to use nylon line from other brands in Bosch electric brush cutters.

I have an electric brush cutter Bosch AFS23-37 1000 W of power. It's going great. I am very happy for a non-intensive use like the one I need. It is an electric brush cutter, not a battery one, it has to be connected to electricity to work.

However, the brand's official nyon spare parts are very expensive, rather very expensive and is manufactured so that you end up consuming its spare parts. In this case, the nylon thread comes with a kind of bolt in the center that prevents it from escaping.


Recovering an old Linux computer

computer brought to life thanks to a lightweight Linux distribution

I continue with the PC and gadget repairs although this cannot in itself be considered a repair. But it is something that every time they ask me more. Put some operating system that makes them work on computers with older or older hardware.

And although I tell you a little about the decisions I have made in this specific case, it can be extended much more. I will try to update and leave what I have done each time the case is presented.

Follow the series of articles on computer repair. Common things that anyone can fix in our house like when the computer turns on but you don't see anything on the screen.


How to install APK applications on Android

I take advantage of the round fix mobiles I am doing to explain and document many actions that friends and family often ask of me. In this case I explain how to install APK applications on Android.

I go straight to the point, if you want to know what an APK is and when you may need to install one, see the end of the article.

In my case I'm going to reinstall Play Store that works badly on a mobile that we are going to use without SIM for my father-in-law to play. I can't open it, not even resetting the factory and it is much faster for me to install the application directly than to see what happens to the smartphone or flash it.


My computer turns on but nothing appears on the screen

repair computer that turns on and has a black screen

This is what has happened to me on my nine year old PC. The computer starts up but nothing is visible on the screen. I explain how to diagnose the error to find out what is failing, since it seems to be a common error.

The failure usually comes from one of these 3 places:

  • The screen
  • RAM
  • Graphics card


How to adapt a universal cistern flush mechanism for use on a smaller one

I come with a repair. Something that is not planned obsolescence, but almost. I have the flush mechanism of the water tank tank is damaged. These are very simple repairs that do not need much explanation, you disassemble the old one, buy the new one and put it in.

But the fact is, there are no more models for my cistern. They are now universal size and have a larger diameter than I need. Because what we have at home is an older and Vintage model.

repair of the discharge tank of an old cistern


How to unlock a mobile with a broken screen

access and transfer files, images on a mobile with a broken screen

In this repair article we will see how unlock a mobile whose screen has been broken to access the hard drive and be able to transfer and recover files, images and videos. Some time ago my wife dropped the phone on a BQ Aquaris E5 and her screen broke, it did not seem exaggerated, but the bottom does not work. You can see it, but you can't use it. And here came the problem. We could not unlock the mobile, because the pattern area does not respond to touch. And of course we cannot access the hard drive and take the photos and videos it has stored.

I have been looking at many options to be able to take the photos. Change the screen, a lot of software that breaks patterns and the chosen method, the OTG cable, Changing the screen in this case was the most expensive option, because the replacement of it was not cheap and since the mobile had its years we decided to change it for new one. I try to collect the information in this article and leave a video using the OTG cable.


Restoring an ancient book

My father-in-law gave me a book from his childhood the other day to fix. It was the one they took to school. Spain is like that. The book was with the cover in bad condition and with loose inner sheets. I'm sorry but I can't find any before photos. I made them, but I don't know where they are :-(

Textbook of the Franco era Spain is like this

It is a book of the dictatorship. The children took it to school, and it belongs to the Editorial Escuela Española. Inside we find pure indoctrination. politics stuff. But I think the book has historical value and it seemed a crime to throw it away.


Makers, repair and DIY manifests

I've been diving among the major Manifests on DIY, Self Repair, Makers, which I found on the Internet. Many ideas are raised about our rights as consumers and less about our obligations and our responsibilities. A topic closely related to the famous planned obsolescence

If you can't fix it it's not yours

They are somewhat old, almost a classic but just as interesting. I have it in drafts for a long time and I think the initiative deserves a place in Ikkaro.

The presentation of these manifestos It is a starting point to reflect as I have already said about the rights, obligations and responsibilities that we have as consumers. You do not have to take anything for granted, even if something appears on a reputable website, you do not have to agree. You have to develop critical thinking. Do I agree with what it says? Is it really a right? How does it benefit me as a consumer, other consumers, the planet? Who does this point hurt? There are dozens of questions that we should ask ourselves and that we should link with ethics, an ethic of consumption.

manifesto defending the right of users to repair objects. Ifixit self-healing manifest
Self Repair Manifesto from


How to fix a cassette tape

I have found my old cassette tapes, many with music and many others with children's stories and songs. And taking advantage of the fact that the Clio still has a cassette radio, I have wanted to put a few tapes for my daughter to see if she likes them. I'm very sorry to have to throw them away.

Cassettes or music tapes, an obsolete technology

But many are broken, the tape is torn. So I'm going to explain how they were fixed, as a tribute, because I don't think there are many people interested in fixing them, but if one ever falls into your hands and you want to be able to listen to it, maybe the entry will be useful.


How to cut SIM card from mini SIM to micro sim and nano sim

I get my Google Nexus 4. I'm going to try it out and realize it uses Micro SIM :-(

The logical solution is to go for a SIM card duplicate, but they charge € 5 (yes, it was free before) So you have to look for a homemade solution and this goes through trim the card at home to convert the mini SIM to Micro SIM.

types of SIM, mini SIM, micro SIM and nano SIM card

Yes, I know that after spending € 300 on a mobile, raking € 5 doesn't seem like much, but this has become a personal matter.

Actualización: Today, pre-cut cards come, so it is very easy to change from one size to another. But if you have an old SIM this trick will still work for you. If you save the € 5, have a coffee to my health

Well, before we cut like crazy, a little about SIM card