The Mediterranean mount. A guide for naturalists

The Mediterranean mount. A guide for naturalists

Disclosure book by Julián Simón López-Villalta de la Editorial Tundra. A small wonder that has made me change my vision on many points.

In the book he reviews all the ecology of the mediterranean forest. Going through the history of the Mediterranean, its habitats and biodiversity where it tells us about trees, shrubs, herbs, carnivores, granivores, herbivores, pollinators, parasitoids, insectivores, decomposers, scavengers.

A section dedicated to survival (droughts, fires, frosts, etc.) and another to the relationships between species (predators and prey, parasites, competition, mutualism and symbiosis and diners and tenants)

As you can see, it is a complete look at plant and animal species and the relationships between them and the habitat where they live. All perfectly explained and integrated, giving an overview of how the ecosystem works, why it is so special and why it contains so much biodiversity.


Art Matters by Neil Gaiman

Art matters, because imagination can change the world

Art matters. Because imagination can change the world.

It is about texts written by Neil Gaiman over the years and illustrated by Chris Ridell for this volume. I saw the book in the library and did not hesitate to pick it up. I already know Neil Gaiman for CoralineBy The cemetery book and many other things that I have on the list but that I have not read yet (American Gods, Sandman, Stardust, Its Nordic myths, etc). I didn't know Chris Ridell. The translation is the responsibility of Montserrat Meneses Vilar.

I always like to read other genres of the authors that interest me, especially when they are essays, conferences and opinions they have on life and literature.


V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd

V for Vendetta by Alan moore and david LLoyd

Searching the website of my city library I found V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. I have heard of this graphic novel as a cult work and I really wanted to read it.

Obviously there is much more information than in the film and everything makes sense. Here we find out where V comes from with his Guy Fawkes mask, his cape and his hat. We better understand the context and why revenge occurs.


Clepsydras and Muslim clocks by Antonio Fernández-Puertas

It is a monograph on hourglasses, Muslim clocks and other horologies written by Antonio Fernández-Puertas who is Professor of History of Muslim Art at the University of Granada. He belongs to the Higher Facultative Body of Museums and has been director of the National Museum of Hispanic-Muslim Art in the Alhambra.

It is not a reading for everyone, but if you want to enter this world of water clocks, automatons, horologies, etc. you will love it. In addition to describing a large number of gadgets and telling us where and when they were referenced, we entered the Byzantine empire to see a little of its splendor and the wonders that they must have.

Especially since there is not much information available on the Internet about Clepsydras and what there is I cannot see in full.


A geologist in distress by Nahúm Méndez

A geologist in distress by Nahúm Méndez

Small popularization test to introduce us to the wonderful world of geology Ideal for all those who want to start and discover what this science does.

A geologist in distress. A journey through time and into the deepest part of the Earth

The author is Nahúm Méndez, geologist and author of the blog of A geologist in distress. I have been following him for a long time on his twitter @geologoinapuros

I really liked it, but I would have liked him to get into field geology more. I hope that there will be a second volume already entering into the subject of types of formations, rocks, minerals, etc. A document that helps a naturalist to go out into the field and understand what types of formations he is seeing and why they have formed.


A Certain Idea of ​​the World by Alessandro Baricco

Review and notes of A Certain Idea of ​​the World by Alessandro Baricco

I read Silk y Crystal lands by Alessandro Baricco many years ago. The first I have reread many times, the second has been lost in my memory, but I hold this author in high regard. So when I saw this review book in the library I didn't think about it. I like to see what people I read read :)

A certain idea of ​​the world it's a book of book reviews. Not from the books that you like the most, but from books that you have liked in a period of approximately 1 year. between 2011 and 2012.

There are 50 books, each with a review of about 3 pages, where he tells us his impressions, the plot or a story related to the book. It is a book of books, a genre in which we can include 84, Charing Cross Road.

All written and told in a really delicate way.


Pandemocracy by Daniel Innerarity

Pandemocracy, and a Philosophy of the Crisi of Coronavius ​​by Daniel Innenarity

I have been following for a long time Daniel Innerarity on Twitter and it is always a pleasure to read your reflections. So despite not wanting to read more essays on the pandemic after the fiasco of Covid-19 by Zizek. I have dared Pandemocracy. a philosophy of the coronavirus crisis y I liked it a lot.

The first. It is appreciated that the essay is well structured, that it has a clear context and argues the ideas, that there is a common thread throughout the essay and that they are not loose pilgrim ideas. Everything Zizek didn't do.

It is an affordable and easy-to-read essay. Don't be afraid to read it if you're not used to this genre, and don't be scared by Meritxell Batet's prologue which is more complex to follow than Innerarity's text.


The Desert of the Tartars by Dino Buzzati

Review, arguments and curiosities of The Desert of the Tartars by Dino Buzzati

I got this book out of the library because my coworker had recommended it to me. We are already getting to know our tastes and when he recommends something to me he is usually right. The desert of the Tartars is the masterpiece or magnum opus by Dino Buzzati. In this edition of Alianza Editorial the translation is by Esther Benítez.

With the first Spanish translation in Gadir Editorial in 1985 came a foreword by Borges. Let's see if I can find the edition or the prologue and I can read it that it did not come with the one from Alianza Editorial.


The lieutenant Giovanni Drogo is assigned to the Bastiani Fortress, a border fortress, which borders the desert where they have to defend the country from an invasion, that of the Tartars that never arrives.


Basilisk by Jon Bilbao

Basilisk novel by Jon Bilbao

Basilisco, by Jon Bilbao is a great book, although coming from the publisher Impedimenta it does not surprise me.

We cannot begin this work without knowing what it is a basilisk, a mythological creature that can kill with its sight. With the body of a snake and a crest, it was considered the king of snakes. there are a lot of mythology behind it, and this is not the article for it.

I liked it very much, but I have been left with the feeling that I have not finished understanding everything, that I have fringes in the air that I have not managed to capture and that it needs a second reading.


Yellow rain

review, notes and opinions of The Yellow Rain by Julio LLamazares

The night remains for who it is.

Yellow rain It is a great book by Julio Llamazares. For me a 5 stars and even so I am aware that it is not a novel for everyone. You have to read it calmly and savor it calmly.

Do not start reading the book if you do not have the body for sadness, sadness, melancholy and to read calmly. You are warned.