Ideas for your LEGO Boost

LEGO Boost ideas to get the most out of it

Many people only build the 5 assemblies that come in the instructions of the officer kit and that we have been seeing in the blog and it remains blocked without knowing what else to do.

But the fun is to innovate and use the pieces, especially the mobiles to create your own assemblies. So I'm going to let you how to get ideas of what you can do with your LEGO Boost at various levels, from assemblies for children, to integrations with other hardware for the more technical.

To give the LEGO Boost even more boost, I leave you a series of tips.


How to reuse an old solar panel and charge controller

reuse old solar panel

Emptying a storage room I find this old solar panel that we used years ago in the house in summer, when the electricity still did not arrive. We had this solar panel and 2 or 3 car batteries and some (if we could) for trucks. During the day we charged the car batteries, slowly but steadily. And we used the rest to have light at 12V even televisions at those 12V.

This is the Solar Arc ASI 16-2300. It has 35 cells and dimensions of 1,225 mx 0,305m, that is, 0,373625 m2

Testing in August between 14 and 15 in the afternoon I have obtained 20V and 2A maximum, so we are talking about a power of 40W P = V * I

And if we take 40W in 0,37 m2, it is equivalent to saying that in 1 square meter it will generate 40 / 0,373625 = 107,06 W / m2.


Lego Boost Move Hub

Lego Boost Brick Move Hub

El Lego Boost robotics kit it is based on three active parts, around which all the rest are assembled.

The most important is the Move Hub that contains a motor with 2 axes and the Bluetooth module to connect with the tablet or mobile. Since everything in Boost is done through its app.

The other two pieces are a second motor and a proximity and color sensor.


What is LEGO Boost

What is lego boost complete guide

LEGO Boost is a robotics starter kit for kids based on LEGO pieces.. It is compatible with traditional LEGO and Techno, so you can use all your pieces in future assemblies.

This Christmas the Three Wise Men gave my 8-year-old daughter a LEGO® Boost. The truth is that I saw him a little early. I did not want to introduce my daughter to complex issues, but she has been asking for it for a long time and the truth is that the experience has been very good.

It is recommended for children from 7 to 12 years old. If your children are used to playing with LEGO, the assembly will not pose any problem. And you will see that between the indications of the app and some explanations from you, they will immediately learn to use block programming.

Its price is around € 150 can buy it here.


Free electronics courses

Free electronics courses and video tutorials on Youtube

Reorganizing the information on the web I have found that a Yotube video tutorial series on electronics that I published in the format of posts (they were the "Virtual Tutorials", a series of tutorials to get started in electronics that I liked a lot at the time) have been eliminated from the channel leaving the posts unusable. You have to see the amount of videos, links, files and articles that disappear over time. Looking at the almost 11 years of blogging, the amount of information lost on the Internet is a real beast.

To have everything more controlled and have all the tutorials to learn electronics accessible, I gather them in this list that I will update periodically, both to add new resources and to remove those that are disappearing or are no longer interesting.


A multimeter for makers, Mastech MS8229

Multimeters are our great friends. If you are a Maker, you like to tinker or you want to repair appliances and devices you will need one. Yes, if you use Arduino too.

Many times, especially people who start do not know which multimeter to buy and choose a very cheap one from a Chinese brand or store, for less than € 10. But these tend to fall short soon, especially if we like what we do and use it a lot.

A multimeter, 5-in-1 tool for makers

Today's recommendation, it's a 50 € multimeter which is possibly not the best multimeter in this price range, but we chose it for the many additional functions it has. It is a 5 in 1 tool that will delight all fans of assembling and disassembling things. But make no mistake that it is not a bad tester and for € 50 we have a thing for a while.


Simple dimmable power supply

La power supply is a fundamental element for any fan of the electronic assemblies.

This one that I present to you has been made with very few components, some of them recycled. It is assembled in a few minutes, and allows to obtain any voltage between 3 and 34 volts, (more or less).


How to make Kitt's lights (The Fantastic Car)

Hello, thank you very much for reading us. This time I am going to teach you a practice that was very illustrative and very tangible. Many of the practices are only observable with measuring instruments, this is visible with LEDs.

Think of a show from the 80's with a police cut, an athletic protagonist and an incredible car with extraordinary lights in front, because that was the series. Kitt, the fantastic car

Now let's see how to make the lights of Kitt, the fantastic car with LEDs so you can use it in your car or at home. As a warning it is not difficult at all, here at Ikkaro we show you how to do it spending little money and in a short time. I hope you like it.


How to make Switched Source +5, +12, -12 for future projects with a DVD

Hello. This is my first article. And seeing that the other editors are presenting very interesting objects, I think it is prudent to clarify that we understand that not all of them are specialists in specific areas of engineering. For this and thanks to the fact that very complete projects are coming, we will start with a device that will save you a few euros recycling, reducing and without leaving home.

The idea was born because I bought a cheap DVD (less than € 35) but it worked perfect for 3 months and out of nowhere it just turns on and says "No disk", this is a joint problem of the logic card, which although it is totally digital, not it is easy to repair so it is useless. Thinking one day of a practice in which I needed a source greater than 1 Amp, I remembered the DVD and here is its construction. I hope you like it.

We will start by knowing what material we will use, everything appears in the image, except a rule and corrector, you will see what it is used for.

Necessary materials

We will take the disassembly and remove all the side screws, they are not difficult to find, since they are exposed, here is a picture.