Double stage water rockets

On some occasion we have talked about water rockets. But what we leave today is rather a work of aeronautical engineering.

It is a two-stage water rocket, which reaches up to 250 meters in height; amazing.

An image of the rocket so that you get an idea of ​​what we are talking about.

How to make a water rocket

Yes; they are water bottles :)


How to build a water rocket

Let's talk about how to make a water rocket. The principle of operation is very simple, it works by the principle of action - reaction due to the air introduced into the bottle.

For the one who has never heard of a water rocket, is a plastic bottle, partially filled with water, into which pressurized air is introduced and then let it escape through an outlet hole and propel the bottle.

From now on, the modifications are endless, at the tip of the rocket, the fins, the shuttle, the exit orifice or the shape and quantity of the air injected.