How to see hidden password with dots or asterisks

How to see password that we have forgotten and is hidden by dots or asterisks

Sure sometime You have forgotten a password but your browser remembers it even though it is hidden with dots or asterisks and in the end you end up changing it. Well, there are several methods to see this password, I know two, go to preferences of our browser to see where it saves the password and the second is the method that we are going to teach very, very simple and more powerful because it allows us to see passwords saved in fields , that is to say, that although we have not saved them and of course, it is not in our browser, we can see them.

This is very useful if for example you work as a team and someone puts an API in a form, as in WordPress, this way you can quickly retrieve it to reuse it elsewhere.

I leave you the video with teaching how to do it and below I explain the two methods in traditional format (inspector and browser password manager)

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View hidden password (Method owned by input)

I do the tutorial with Firefox, but if you use Chrome it is the same, only the terminology of the menu changes. Although later I explain how to see the passwords saved by browsers, this method is more complete because it allows us to see hidden passwords in forms. Let me explain, when using wordpress or other scripts there are fields with apis, etc. that are protected so that the password is not visible. And with this method you will be able to see what is stored there even if you have not entered it or you have done it on another computer.

The steps are the following.

We go to where our password is and click with the right button on the points.

inspect item and discover password

We will get a menu and click on Inspect element. Then the Inspector.

highlighted line of input type password to see hidden password

We click twice on the password of type = password

recover password facebook, twitter, etc

and we change it to text so that it will remain type = text

And it is already in this moment you will see the password that was hidden

how to view hidden password with dots

View hidden password by going to the browser's password manager

If you use Firefox en about: preferences # privacy you will see this

see passwords saved by browsers, firefox, chrome

We click on the box Saved accounts and a window will not appear with the site, user and date of when the pass was saved.

show password by viewing firefox manager

Finally we give Show passwords and we will see the password of each site. Very simple, with the search field above we can easily find the site we want.

In chrome it's very similar let's chrome :/ / settings / passwords

How to view hidden passwords saved in Chrome

This method solves the problem of the passwords that we have saved, but unlike the one we have explained in the video, it cannot show us passwords or APIs that others have put in common services and they are hidden by the type of field and its property.

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