Voice control on PC and RaspberryPi with Whisper

voice control on pc and raspberry pi

The idea of ​​the project is give voice instructions to interact through our PC or our Raspberry Pi using the Voice-to-text Whisper model.

We will give an order that will be transcribed, converted to text, with Whisper and then analyzed to execute the appropriate order, which can be from executing a program to giving voltage to the RaspberryPi pins.

I am going to use an old Raspberry Pi 2, a micro USB and I will use the Voice-to-text model recently released by OpenAI, Whisper. At the end of the article you can see a little more whisper.


How to change mac address in ubuntu

Changing the MAC is a matter of privacy. There are different reasons why it is recommended to change the MAC of your device. One of them is if you are going to connect to a public network where there are more users connected.

Remember that the MAC is an identification of the physical hardware, of your network card and is unique to your computer.

It is always recommended, for security, to change the MAC when you connect to a public Wi-Fi network or a VPN.


How to make the laptop not go to sleep when lowering the screen

How to use a laptop with the lid closed

There are several reasons for wanting our laptop does not change state when lowering the screen, that is, it continues to work without shutting down or going to sleep. The main reason is that you will be using your laptop as a tower, connecting an external display and other peripherals such as a USB keyboard and mouse.

This summer to work I have preferred to connect the Benq LED monitor that you see in the image, which is bigger and looks much better than the TFT of my old Dell XPS 15 that is 12 or 13 years old and I had to configure it. It's not difficult, but since it doesn't appear in the configuration menu, you have to do it by editing a file.


For loop in Python

The For loop in Python has some different features than other programming languages. I leave you what I am learning to get the most out of one of the most used loops.

In Python it is intended to iterate through an iterable object, be it a list, an object, or another element.

The following structure is


AntennaPod, the open source Podcast Player

AntennaPod open source podcast player

AntennaPod is a Podcast Player open source. It is a free, open source and ad free application with a clean and elegant design and all the features that I need in a Podcast player / subscription manager.

And it is the player that I have been testing for a while and that works wonderfully for me. I use it with F-Droid on Android, although you can also find it in the Play Store.

Until now I used iVoox and I have changed its more than 100Mb for AntennaPod of just over 10MB. iVoox, in addition to the ads, constantly crashed on me, which made it unbearable. It is a great alternative to many commercial players.

In this way, it works very smoothly for me, I have no ads and I use an Open Source option and on F-Droid. At the moment everything is advantages.


Best F-Droid Apps

best f-droid free software apps

We have already seen what is F droid, its advantages and why we should use it. In this article I want let you know some of its best applications. It is clear that this is very subjective because the best application will be the one that meets one of our needs. But here are a few that I think can help you.

So I'm going to leave the applications that I consider most interesting from this repository of Free Software applications. You will not find alternatives for some, and for others you will already have applications installed that do the same. It is a good time to assess if you are interested in transferring that application you use to another Free Software application.


How to create alerts in Wallapop

This is a simple trick, really a nice setup, of our Wallapop app to notify us when a new product appears that we are looking for. In this way we will not have to always be entering and looking for what is new.

Just We create the alerts we need and it will send us notifications.fications when they post a new product that meets the characteristics we have chosen in the filters.

A clear example is looking for a Nintendo Switch. We can make Wallapop notify us with a notification when someone sells a Nintendo Switch, up to a certain price, with a distance filter, etc.


What is F-Droid

f-droid the play store of free software

F-Droid is a software repository, an app store, an alternative to Play Store. It is the Play Store of Free software. F-Droid is free software and the applications that we can find inside are Free Software or Open Source (FOSS). We can find your code on GitHub review it and modify it to our liking if we want.

And once you know what it is, the next thing you'll wonder is why you need to install it if you have Play Store.

NO pirate apps. For that you have other alternatives. F-Droid is a commitment to Free software and that's it.


How to see the IP in Linux

how to know my ip in linux

The theme of knowing, or finding out the IP that we have is something recurrent. Let's see how to do it on a Linux device.

In this article I am going to teach you how to check the public IP in the browser, with the console and how to obtain it and save it in our .sh scripts with BASH

In addition to this, we will also see how to check our private IP and the difference between the two.


Scratch for Linux (Scratux Ubuntu)

Scratch alternatives for linux

I start to play Scratch and I see with disgust that they exist desktop applications for Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS and Android app but there is no official application for Linux.

There was an application for Linux and they discontinued it. Your message right now is

For now, the Scratch App is not compatible with Linux. We are working with contributors and the open-source community to find a way for Scratch to work on Linux in the future. Stay informed!

It is true that the online version can be used from the browser. But I like desktop applications because they have the advantage that we can continue using them even without an Internet connection and that if we want to focus on the task we can close the browser with the other thousands of tabs, which is always a source of distraction.