Zotero, Personal Research Assistant

zotero, personal research assistant

I've been looking for a tool like Zotero, which allows me to organize and manage in a simple and effective way all the information that I am storing on topics that interest me, projects I want to work on and / or on the articles I'm going to write.

And it is that although Zotero is known by people as a bibliography manager and has been its main function for a long time, today they themselves define the project as a Personal research assistant. And it's the most interesting thing I've ever seen.

Take a look because if you are a Maker or you like to work on projects, research and collect information on different topics, you will fall in love.


Jupyter Notebook. The Jupyter project

jupyter notebook interactive computing environment to learn programming

Take this article as a way to get started in Jupyter, a guide to know what we can do and some notions to start using it.

It is an interactive computing environment, which allows users to experiment with the code and share it.

Jupyter is the acronym for Julia, Python and R, the three programming languages ​​that Jupyter started with, although today it supports a large number of languages.

It is widely used to create and share documents that contain code. This is very useful in teaching, since we can show with examples how a script, a language works or ask students to propose and validate their own code.


How to navigate with the ip of the country we want with TOR

sail with tor through the country we want

Sometimes we want to navigate pretending that we are in a certain country, that is, hiding our real IP and using another from the country we choose.

We may want to do this for many reasons:

  • browse anonymously,
  • services that are only offered if you navigate from a certain country,
  • offers when hiring services,
  • check how a website that contains geolocated elements works.

In my case it was the last option. After implementing several plugins on a WordPress website, I needed to check that it displayed the data correctly to users in each country.


How to run .sh files

how to execute sh file
Discover how to run it with the terminal and double clicking

The files with extension .sh are files that contain scripts, commands in bash language, which runs on Linux. SH is a Linux shell that tells the computer what to do.

In a way we could say that it would be comparable to the Windows .exe.

There are different ways to run it. I'm going to explain 2. One with the terminal and another with the graphical interface, that is, with the mouse, that when you double-click it is executed. You can see it in the video and below is the step by step for those who prefer traditional tutorials.


Recovering an old Linux computer

computer brought to life thanks to a lightweight Linux distribution

I continue with the PC and gadget repairs although this cannot in itself be considered a repair. But it is something that every time they ask me more. Put some operating system that makes them work on computers with older or older hardware.

And although I tell you a little about the decisions I have made in this specific case, it can be extended much more. I will try to update and leave what I have done each time the case is presented.

Follow the series of articles on computer repair. Common things that anyone can fix in our house like when the computer turns on but you don't see anything on the screen.


How to install APK applications on Android

I take advantage of the round fix mobiles I am doing to explain and document many actions that friends and family often ask of me. In this case I explain how to install APK applications on Android.

I go straight to the point, if you want to know what an APK is and when you may need to install one, see the end of the article.

In my case I'm going to reinstall Play Store that works badly on a mobile that we are going to use without SIM for my father-in-law to play. I can't open it, not even resetting the factory and it is much faster for me to install the application directly than to see what happens to the smartphone or flash it.


How to convert tables from PDF to Excel or CSV with Tabula

Pass and convert pdf to csv and excel

Looking at the historical data offered by a meteorological observatory in my city, I see that they only offer them graphically and for download as PDF. I don't understand why they don't let you download them in csv, which would be much more useful for everyone.

So I've been looking for one solution to pass these tables from pdf to csv or if someone wants to format Excel or Libre Office. I like csv because with a csv you do everything you can handle it with python and its libraries or you can easily import it into any spreadsheet.

As the idea is to get an automated process, what I want is a script to work with Python and this is where Tabula comes in.


Anaconda Tutorial: What it is, how to install it and how to use it

Anaconda Data Science, big data and pytho, R distribution

In this article I leave a Anaconda installation guide and how to use your Conda package manager. With this we can create development environments for python and R with the libraries we want. Very interesting to start messing with Machine Learning, data analysis and programming with Python.

Anaconda is a free and Open Source distribution of the Python and R programming languages ​​widely used in scientific computing (Data ScienceData Science, Machine Learning, Science, Engineering, predictive analytics, Big Data, etc).

It installs a large number of applications widely used in these disciplines all at once, instead of having to install them one by one. . More than 1400 and that are the most used in these disciplines. Some examples

  • Numpy
  • pandas
  • Tensorflow
  • H20.ai
  • scipy
  • Jupyter
  • Dashboard
  • OpenCV
  • matplotLib


How to see hidden password with dots or asterisks

How to see password that we have forgotten and is hidden by dots or asterisks

Sure sometime You have forgotten a password but your browser remembers it even though it is hidden with dots or asterisks and in the end you end up changing it. Well, there are several methods to see this password, I know two, go to preferences of our browser to see where it saves the password and the second is the method that we are going to teach very, very simple and more powerful because it allows us to see passwords saved in fields , that is to say, that although we have not saved them and of course, it is not in our browser, we can see them.

This is very useful if for example you work as a team and someone puts an API in a form, as in WordPress, this way you can quickly retrieve it to reuse it elsewhere.

I leave you the video with teaching how to do it and below I explain the two methods in traditional format (inspector and browser password manager)


How to install Keras and TensorFlow from backend on Ubuntu

how to install keras on ubuntu

After finishing the Machine Learning course, I was looking where to continue. The development environments used in the Octave / Matlab prototyping course are not what people use, so you have to jump to something higher quality. Among the candidates that have been recommended to me the most is Keras, using backend TensorFlow. I'm not going to go into whether Keras is better than other tools or other frameworks or whether to choose TensorFlow or Theano. I'm just going to explain how it can be installed in Ubuntu.

First, I tried to install it from the documentation of the official pages, and it was impossible, I always had an error, an unresolved question. In the end I went to find specific tutorials on how to install keras in Ubuntu And yet I have spent two days spending a lot of time at night. In the end I have achieved it and I leave you how I have done it in case it can pave the way for you.

As we are going to follow the steps recommended by the websites that I leave you from sources at the end of the tutorial, we are going to install PIP that I did not have, to manage the packages. pip on linux it's just that, a package management system written in python.

sudo apt-get install python3-pip sudo apt install python-pip