How to edit images in batches or batch (in bulk) with Gimp

BIMP GIMP plugin to edit and manipulate images and photos in batch

Use Gimp as a photo and image editor. I haven't touched Photoshop in a couple of years. Even when I was using Windows I stopped using Photoshop because I didn't want to hack it.

There are different ways to modify images in bulk, in bulk, in batches or bulk, whatever we want to call it. But this Gimp extension seems indispensable to me. Allows us scale images, add watermarks, rotate them, change the format, reduce the weight and many other actions that we will do in bulk and in a very short time. You will not believe the amount of time you are going to save.

I use it mostly to edit the images of blog articles. I size them right, add the watermark, and reduce the weight in seconds. But I see it useful for many people besides Webmasters, photographers who want to add watermarks. Or if you are looking to resize multiple photos or images at the same time.

I have changed my methodology. Now to add watermarks I use a Bash script. I leave everything explained here.

I leave you first what it does and then how to install it in case you are interested.


Six months with Linux

This is Linux, I show you my desktop

Lately many people in my environment ask me about LinuxThey even want you to install it to test it. So now that I've been using Linux for everything for 6 months, I think it's a good time to share my experience.

Use Ubuntu for 6 years on the laptop but not intensive way or to work, the laptop is for leisure, browsing and some Arduino stuff. For a long time I tried to install some distribution on my PC, but my old GForce 240T graphics gave problems and although they tried to help me to correct the problems and install the correct drivers, in the end I got tired and continued with Windows 7 and then 10. I tried Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and some more and I could not install any. The truth is that I no longer remember if I tried something that was not based on Debian.

But a few months ago I had a Manjaro distro ready on the USB and I thought why not? and see where it worked and also great. I love Manjaro. I have been using this distribution for about a month and I fell in love with its Theme Maia. But there was an update that gave problems again with all the Nvidia (Rolling Release stuff?) So I tried Kubuntu, which had never been able to install it and had no problem. And so I've been using Kubuntu for more than 6 months in my day to day.


My first impression with Ubuntu

I've been using Ubuntu for two weeks. After posting the article on how to use ubuntu from a USB I decided to install it together with windows 7.

The extremely simple installation, from the same USB, made the partitions by itself, and with 3 or 4 clicks to work and then the surprise arrived.

ubuntu operating system


Use Ubuntu Linux from a USB

This weekend has been a black weekend when it comes to PC. After a long time with problems, my windows vista decided to stop working.

After several formatting-installation-formatting-installation, it seems that windows 7 heeds what I say, although I still have a half hard disk with information that has not been deleted.

So I have decided to try other options, which go through a Linux distribution. On the page of Ikkaro from Facebook, I have been recommended Ubuntu, which I have already heard a lot about.

universal linux installer from usb