Special gifts from kings

Rubik 2x2, priamidal, 4x4 and dodecahedron cube kit

I usually share the gifts of kings on the blog, it is almost a tradition. Luckily they leave me things that I like, without asking for them and that gives rise to talk on the blog. Now with two 3 and 5 year old girls in addition to my gifts, hers are starting to get very interesting.

This year I decided not to publish the entry, and then to my surprise because I thought it was not interesting, several people asked me about it. And this article is about them, about these people who have encouraged me with their comments and emails. I'm sorry for the delay in the publication, but due to different personal issues it couldn't have been before.

Let's go with a round of the most interesting.


They have brought me 2 beauties that I love. The Invention of Nature by Andrea Wulf (BUY) and Svensson's Bird Guide (BUY). The long awaited Svensson Guide.

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Gift of kings science and popular science books

Svensson wanted it for a long time, it's the 2nd edition. It can be said that it is the most prestigious bird guide in our area (Spain, Europe and the Mediterranean region). Each sheet has a page with bird species, with their descriptions, information on habitat, breeding, migrations, etc. and then a sheet with illustrations of the species they have described

Larsson Bird Guide, the world's best-known field bird guide

As you will see, everything is quite compact, with very small print and many abbreviated words. It must be borne in mind that it is a field guide, that is to say that it has a "small" size to carry it on our field trips.

The Invention of Nature by Andrea Wulf

The Invention of Nature is a popular book about the life of Humblodt, one of the great naturalists of all time, considered the most influential scientist of his time. Andrea Wulf's book is a true wonder, incredibly documented and that makes you dream of travels, explorers and great people from another time.

Humboldt's theories of nature in his famous illustrations
Humboldt's Naturgemalde.


One of the joys has been this Rubik's Cubes Kit by Z Cube with carbon fiber. They are great !!!

Rubik 2x2, priamidal, 4x4 and dodecahedron cube kit

It is a 2 × 2, a pyramix or pyramid, a 4 × 4 and a pentagonal dodecahedron. They go fine, fine. I love the brand. I can't find this specific pack but here I leave you another very good looking. Remember we have a section on Rubik's cubes

A joint gift for my wife and me. Carcassonne, a classic in board games. we have taken the box that brings the basic game plus 11 expansions. We have chosen it because we can play 2 players unlike Catan that although we have it we always need 3. We had on the Blue list, but it was exhausted, maybe we will ask for it on a birthday.

Classic Carcassonne set with 11 extensions

We have already played a few games and we have loved it, it has been a great success. Quick games, a simple game with simple rules, but that combines strategy with luck well. It allows you to make plays to annoy the opponent and that always makes games happy :)

Let's see how the expansions go and when I control the game well, but how well I do a review. http://amzn.to/2EKbdBk


And we start with the girls section :)

I explain a little how Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men work at home. We don't ask Santa Claus for anything, he usually brings a puzzle, a book or a game in common, whatever he wants ;-) We "just" write the letter to the Three Wise Men and try to manage the amount of gifts they bring. We want them to order one thing per home. No endless lists of gifts and dozens of things that don't interest them in the least. And with that the Kings bring what they can.


Playmobil pyramid with Cleopatra and Julius Caesar set

As always the Playmobil occupy a primary area, they love them. have always wanted, home, school, hospital, or something related to animals. This time they have asked for the pyramid of Egypt (BUY) and the rocket ship and I appreciate it :)

Interior of the Playmobil pyramid of egypt with all its accessories

It goes without saying that I enjoy it as much as they do, and much more with these themes.

The largest is the one that Egypt has requested, so we have been working all Christmas holidays on a project about Egypt and the Nile, based on cards and with the construction of a model among the 4 of the family. We talk about the desert, the pyramids, Egypt, Cleopatra, crocodiles and hippos and much more.

Egyptian pyramids project for children

I leave you a gallery with things that we did in the project

Spaceship (BUY) we have not worked it. But it is a marvel, and if for his birthday he still wants a telescope, we will take advantage of the theme to see well the plants, the astronauts, ships, satellites, etc.

Special playmobil rocket with countdown

It is full of details, the fuel stages are released, we have the satellite and there is a little button that counts down.

Science, robotics, gadgets

One of my daughter's star gifts and the one I most wanted to touch was a microscope. They have brought us the one of Dideco.


This is the complete case, with lots of accessories and an instruction book and sample preparation guide.

Dideco Children's Briefcase and Accessory Kit

It is supposed to reach 1200x magnification and is illuminated, either by natural light with the mirror below or by means of a light bulb. The issue of light is something to consider when buying a microscope.

The Kit comes with ready-made samples and plates for us to prepare our own. We are learning to use it well and this is a whole world.

Dideco Children's Microscope 1200x Magnification Illuminated

Built a bot

This kit has been for me the great pluf of gifts. At least for me, I was very disappointed, when I saw it I thought that something more could be done. I do not know why. You can only assemble it, fitting pieces together and then make that when you bring a magnet closer to it, it moves forward looking for it. Sure, they got tired of it right away.

Bunny and Fox from Built a Bot Robotics Starter Kit

VTECH camera

We finished with the vtech camera (BUY). A first camera for children, which in addition to being a camera, has filters, very basic games like those of the old consoles, and effects for photos. The only thing I don't like is that it uses batteries instead of battery. The rest do their job perfectly.

VTECH photo camera for children

And this year that's it :) If you like it next year, I'll make another compilation to see if we have interesting gifts again.

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