Stepper stirling motor

Little by little and article by article we are increasing our little corner about stirling engines.

This time we found an article with the detailed construction of the Stirling LTD engine in makezine (the link is broken) luckily we keep the content. This engine is LTD, which means that it is designed to work with small temperature differentials.

We have a complete guide on Stirling engines, if you want to delve into this exciting world it is very interesting that you also learn a little about its history, why they work, what their cycles are, the types that there are etc.

Construction of a stirling engine

It is a machine in which you have to be quite meticulous in its construction. It is not very complicated to reproduce it, but if we are careful we will obtain a much more fluid operation.

build stirling engine

As you can see in the image, it is a type engine