Balanced scorecard

cmi or balanced scorecard

Although many of the methods seen so far, such as the JIT, have originated in the automotive industry, not all come from this sector. Others have also made great contributions to the industry, such as the semiconductor with the CMI (Balanced Scoreboard) or BSC (Balanced Scoreboard) in English.

Another management model that directs the strategy towards a series of goals that are related each. The main purpose of this model is to implement and communicate the strategy to be followed throughout the company, be it economic / financial, development, processes, etc., and in a near, medium or distant place.


What is an ERP

erp business management software

Companies need simple systems that allow them to efficiently and quickly manage tasks ranging from production business operations, logistics, resources, inventory, accounting, managing their clients, etc. To do this, it is best to use ERP systems, that is, a modular software that implements all this type of tools for companies and organizations.

With this type of software, you not only automate and streamline the processing of this data about the company, you also allow all that data to be integrated, centralized and connected to each other to perform analysis much easier. However, to be efficient, the most appropriate ERP system must be chosen, since not all companies and sizes require the same type of software ...


Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 what it is and how it can revolutionize the industry

La industry 4.0 It is a new industrial paradigm that aims to revolutionize the industry as you know it now. It is already being implemented in many current companies, and it is intended little by little to migrate to the rest of the companies. In this way, a total digital transformation will be implemented for factories and companies that are much more intelligent, efficient and productive.

Undertaking this path towards industry 4.0 is a great opportunity to modernize your company, take advantage of all the new technologies and, ultimately, create a more dynamic, efficient and profitable business compared to a more conventional industry.


Artificial vision

La artificial vision or computer vision It is a technique that can be used for a multitude of applications outside and within the industry. It allows understanding images, processing information, analyzing and producing a series of actions based on said data. And they can do it in a more efficient way than a human, since you give machines a great capacity to understand and interpret the images of the environment they are observing.

With the advance of AI (Artificial Intelligence), it has been possible to improve a lot these artificial vision techniques to achieve things that were unthinkable up to now. In addition, artificial vision techniques can be applied in-situ at the same time, or analyze images or videos already recorded. There is also a 3D aspect of this type of vision that provides new capabilities to emulate human vision by computer.


Plasma cutting

plasma cutting machine

Plasma cutter

A plasma cutter It is a machine or tool capable of cutting metal parts of all kinds using high temperatures that can reach more than 20.000ºC. The keys to easily cutting metal, even high thicknesses, by this process are that very high temperature, the properties of plasma (the state to which the gas is brought by an electric arc), and polarization.

In the plasma state, that gas becomes conductive of electricity to be ionized. If it is passed through a very fine torch nozzle, it can be directed very precisely to where you want to cut. In other words, thanks to the high temperature (produced by a direct current electric arc) and by concentrating the kinetic energy of this gas, it can be easily cut with great precision.


Water jet cutting

water jet cutting machines together with abrasives. They are precision industrial CNC machines. to

What is

Probably one of the most amazing cutting procedures that exist. And it is due to its simplicity, but its extreme power. As its name suggests, only water is used to cut all kinds of materials, even metals.

As in plasma cutting those plasma jets are used for cutting, in this case they are used very high pressure water jets for cutting. At this pressure and speed, the water molecules are projectiles that impact and easily pass through the material to be cut.



oxyfuel cutting industrial technique

What is

El oxyfuel is a technique Very widespread for various industrial applications, especially in the preparation of edges of pieces to later weld them, and for cutting metal parts with great thickness (always steel or other ferrous materials). The thicknesses that are handled in the oxyfuel are not suitable to be cut using radial saws or normal torches.

Its name is due to the fact that the cutting is done by oxidation by a flame. A gas acts as a combustible gas for the flame (propane, acetylene, hydrogen, tretene, crylene, ...) and another gas will act as an oxidizer (always oxygen).



cogeneration plant

What is cogeneration

La cogeneration It is a procedure by which electrical and thermal energy can be obtained simultaneously. That makes it an efficient alternative for energy supply in operations such as the soldier.

Compared to a simple generator mechanical energy and heat or electrical energy, in a cogeneration generator both are achieved and the heat produced is used before it is transferred to the environment. It is similar to the MGU-H of a Formula 1, or to certain energy recovery systems such as the turbo, etc.


Electrical cables that conduct and store electricity

Cables to store electricity

Jayan Thomas, a professor at the Center for Nanoscience Technology at the University of Florida, have thought it might be interesting to get the copper electrical cables that we currently use in addition to conducting electricity store energy.

So he and Zenan Yu want to try if they can get it. The applications can be incredible, creating fabrics that can power our gadgets as Thomas says, but above all imagine that the millions of kilometers of cable around the world could be used to to store energy and to regulate valleys and peaks in electricity demand .

Thomas and his team have been working on a cheap nano-printing technique to make supercapacitors from ordered nanoelectrodes.

So to achieve their goal that electrical cables are capable of both conducting and storing electricity at the same time, they have continued with the line of research on supercapacitors.