Lego Boost Move Hub

Lego Boost Brick Move Hub

El Lego Boost robotics kit it is based on three active parts, around which all the rest are assembled.

The most important is the Move Hub that contains a motor with 2 axes and the Bluetooth module to connect with the tablet or mobile. Since everything in Boost is done through its app.

The other two pieces are a second motor and a proximity and color sensor.


What is LEGO Boost

What is lego boost complete guide

LEGO Boost is a robotics starter kit for kids based on LEGO pieces.. It is compatible with traditional LEGO and Techno, so you can use all your pieces in future assemblies.

This Christmas the Three Wise Men gave my 8-year-old daughter a LEGO® Boost. The truth is that I saw him a little early. I did not want to introduce my daughter to complex issues, but she has been asking for it for a long time and the truth is that the experience has been very good.

It is recommended for children from 7 to 12 years old. If your children are used to playing with LEGO, the assembly will not pose any problem. And you will see that between the indications of the app and some explanations from you, they will immediately learn to use block programming.

Its price is around € 150 can buy it here.


How to make a spinning top out of a CD

Two spinning tops dancing like spinners

Let build a homemade spinning top out of recycled material. In this case we will use old CDs or DVDs that are no longer useful. It is an activity to do with children. Well with our children, or in a workshop at school, summer school, etc.

We can take advantage of the activity for many things, explain what a gyroscope and the functions and utilities that it has or if they are smaller, we can teach them to use the compass, to cut and recycle materials. Is not a type of spinner :) but despite that I was surprised by the marble version for being spinning for more than 1'30 »

The article is separated into two parts that are two ways of construction of the spinning top. In the first and simplest 3 parts are used, the CD / DVD, a marble and a plug. The second is an old build that was based on an Instructables article and is somewhat more complex to make. not much, but less suitable for young children.

I have tried to make a video ;-)


Spinners Guide

Fidget spinner and education

The spinners, those toys of the devil that drive all children and lads crazy for a while to this part (and even more crazy the teachers) have also arrived in Ikkaro. They consist of a body, usually made of metal or plastic, attached to a central bearing around which they rotate. This movement, for some reason we like it.

They promise to help ADHD, an improvement in concentration, stress reduction, etc., although there is nothing proven. They have been able to get into the list of the 20 best-selling products on Amazon. The Spinner fever has surprised everyone. They even have a channel on Reddit where we will find much, much interesting information.


Fun homemade spinning toy for kids

In the line of some toys and projects that we have been leaving so you can do them with your offspring we leave this spinning toy.

Really simple but that can make you have a good time together with your children or nephews.

The end result is like this.


Mobile toy

I do not know if this toy has a name, but it is ideal to do with the little ones in the house.

It is very simple and they will surely enjoy making their own toys.

rabbit goes down ramps for kids

In the video you can see how it works and the effect it creates.


Technology inside a kinder egg

International shipments may take up to Kinder Surprise eggs They are those little pills that bring out the child that we continue to carry inside.

Every time i see one I hope there is NO doll, I want something to assemble and whoever designed the toy that inspired this post deserves congratulations.

kinder surprise technology


How to make toys with PVC pipes

Have you ever thought use pvc pipes as a meccano to build your toys?

Well, we leave you some examples of what can be achieved.

toys made with PVC pipes

To all this we can add swords, tridents, pistols, tables, etc, etc.


Professional slingshot

There are many ways to make slingshots and one day we will talk about how to make homemade slingshot. When I talk about professional slingshot ... Read