How to unlock a mobile with a broken screen

access and transfer files, images on a mobile with a broken screen

In this repair article we will see how unlock a mobile whose screen has been broken to access the hard drive and be able to transfer and recover files, images and videos. Some time ago my wife dropped the phone on a BQ Aquaris E5 and her screen broke, it did not seem exaggerated, but the bottom does not work. You can see it, but you can't use it. And here came the problem. We could not unlock the mobile, because the pattern area does not respond to touch. And of course we cannot access the hard drive and take the photos and videos it has stored.

I have been looking at many options to be able to take the photos. Change the screen, a lot of software that breaks patterns and the chosen method, the OTG cable, Changing the screen in this case was the most expensive option, because the replacement of it was not cheap and since the mobile had its years we decided to change it for new one. I try to collect the information in this article and leave a video using the OTG cable.

We have several cases:

If the screen is visible although it does not work

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As I have said I looked at many options and in the end the simplest by far has been to buy an OTG cable. A 2 € cable (you can buy it here) to which we connect the mouse and with that we can mark the pattern to dezslock it and then navigate inside if we want. In this case it is a female OTG

OTG is the acronym for On The Go, and it is an extension of USB 2.0 that allows us to connect USB peripherals to our device so that we can put a mouse on it and simply navigate as if it were a computer.

We mark the patŕon by holding down the button on the left. Then to navigate through the terminal, we open applications or menus with the left button and close with the right.

All very, very simple and useful. Because the OTG can also be used for mobiles that work well by connecting roofs to them, or a USB digital microscope like the one I received recently.

So now you know. If you need to unlock a mobile with a broken screen, check if your mobile accepts OTG and connect the mouse.

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With black screen, it doesn't work

Another case is that the screen has stopped working for you. There is software but with all that I have found we have to have the USB debugging mode activated and of course, almost nobody has it, so in the end it is best to see if there is a cheap screen in China.

Software to access a blocked mobile:

I'm still looking for some software that allows us to access the hard drive. If you know methods, software, articles, tutorials or what it is, leave a comment and so we document and complete the article so that it serves as many people as possible.

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  1. Hello, what is the best screen capture application for Android6? I have a Motorola 3 generation cell phone and one of the buttons does not work well. Thanks a lot.


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