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My name is Nacho and I am an Industrial Engineer by UPV (Polytechnic university of Valencia)

On this website I am going to deal with topics that have always interested me and which I have never delved into, due to lack of time and money ...

Although it is true that now I do not have time or money, but I have more desire, which at least compensates.

So I will talk about:

  • Aeromodelling
  • Comets
  • papiroflexia
  • Experiments
  • etc.

I hope you like it


Ikkaro was born in June 2006… as a project to talk about flying objects; Comets, boomerangs, radio-control devices, etc.

Hence its name related to Icaro el son of Daedalus, who escaped from their prison with wings made of feathers and wax. And in his flight Icarus began to ascend towards the sun, until the wax on his wings melted.

Had he thought that he was going to end up being what he is today, he might have chosen another name.

In its early days, we wrote a few articles and information about kites and boomerangs and the web was abandoned for almost two years, until we resumed the project and it has become a mix between a blog of how to do or how to do and all kinds of curiosities and home projects.

If you are interested in knowing more about us, you have the Culture section, and little by little we will rewrite our history.

History Ikkaro Logo

The author of ikkaro logo is Alejandro Polando (alpoma) from Obsolete Technology, which won the logo contest that we celebrate via https://en.99designs.es/logo-design/contests/logo-blog-experiments-7757/entries

In the words of its creator, the logo represents
a rocket with a childish touch that wants to express the mixture of passion and naivety that is usually necessary when it comes to carrying out all kinds of home inventions


blue ikkaro logo
ikkaro logo white

Do you want to know everything about Ikkaro?

Founded in 2006 to initially talk about flying gadgets, it quickly became a place to unleash everything I loved about DIY, gadgets, recipes, and trivia.

In the section we collect a series of articles from when we talked about the web, there are fewer and fewer. Years ago we talked about statistics, ideas for projects such as the forum, communities, when we closed the forum, when we came back in April and closed it, hahaha, but also about the raffle, its winners, etc. etc.

And it is that more than 10 years give for many, to try many things and see what does not work and what needs to be changed. Or just shutting down things that the time wasn't right for.

If you are curious about the project, dive a little into what we leave you and if you have any question, do not hesitate to ask ;-)

I do not know if this section makes sense today or if it is better to leave everything well spun and closed in a single post and update as necessary. I'm going to give this a spin in case I make a super story of Ikkaro in these 12 years and those that remain

Here you have our history, figures, staff ... Everything about who we are

We have been working on a new project for a long time and we can finally do a pre-release.

This is Deddalus, a publishing house specialized in DIY, how to do, do it yourself, science and technology.

Editorial specialized in DIY

We believe that there is an important lack of this type of content in our language and we want to offer books and monographs on DIY, science and technology, of the highest quality and with the greatest possible detail.

In the absence of confirming the catalog, we can comment on several important points.

  • All books / monographs will be DRM free
  • For any book purchased, you will have access to any electronic format in which we publish it (pdf, epub, mobi, etc) and to any update we make.
  • In addition to individual sales, we will work with very cheap annual subscriptions.

If you want to be aware of all the news from the publisher. Enter Deddalus and subscribe to the newsletter.

Any questions you have you can write to us contact@deddalus.com
In Ikkaro we have open accounts in the main social media. We do not post the same on all social networks. Each one has its ecosystem and we adapt to the content that best suits us.

These are where we are most active

We are looking with good eyes

  • Medium

We also have created as a test even though we don't use them right now.

If you miss any that you participate and / or want to recommend a change. Leave a comment.

We will wait for you…

During the more than 7 years of life, this blog has undergone many, many transformations, especially at the level of design and functionality, but always working with Drupal.

The ikkaro blog goes to work on wordpress

This time things have been more serious. We have changed the content manager from Drupal to WordPress.

I know that what Ikkaro's followers are interested in is that quality content continues to be offered and much more frequently. So the details and reasons for the migration go to the end of the article. Here are the improvements that we have included and those that we expect.

What can you expect from now on?

Migration has taken a lot of my time. From now on and even if we have to continue polishing "details" I hope resume publishing articles.

  • The idea during this year in addition to continuing to publish will be review the "weaker" content of the blog and rewrite it, comment on it or in the case of listings, update them. So that any Ikkaro article is very interesting.
  • The most remarkable thing is surely that comments work again. Undoubtedly great news that we missed that they are still moderated before being published.
  • The search engine works again. It's at the top of the blog.
  • We have new version for mobile and tablet very cool. Check it out ;-)
  • With migration we have deleted the forum and many pages that came from when we allowed everyone to write and that did not contribute anything. We have left the ones that are interesting integrated.
  • Let restructure all categories, reassign articles and create specific landing pages to display the content in a more orderly way and to facilitate the usability of the site.
  • We believe that the problem of images has been solved with the subscription of the newsletter news. Subscribe if you want and receive in your email the news that we are publishing



We have many details to improve. It is easy for you to find strange things, migrations are never easy, especially for large sites, so yes you report the problems I will appreciate it.

If you do not follow us on social networks you can do it, we offer different content in each social network :)

We also just launched a flipboard magazine dedicated to DIY.

About migrating from Drupal to WordPress

For those who are interested in all these things. Yes, in the end I abandon my beloved Drupal. The blog has been through Drupal 5, 6 and 7 and I have learned by doing a lot of on-site testing (a big mistake)

In the end, managers are tools and we must use the one that best suits the needs we have. What is really important is what we do with these tools and the possibilities they offer us. We switch to WordPress:

  • to take advantage of the know-how of News Blog. I work here. We manage 200 blogs, all in wordpress and we have a team of developers, SEOs, and specialists in different topics who are dedicated to pampering and continuously improving blogs and what you want me to tell you, it's a shame to waste all this knowledge and have to find my life to learn how to do it in Drupal.
  •  Because there is more information and help in both Spanish and English. It takes a lot to find certain things for Drupal and a lot to help you. I'm not a programmer or designer, or anything like this and I have to find my life to improve the blog. And although I still love Drupal, the truth is that the simplicity of wordpress is a great point in its favor.

The migration has been slow and painful. I've done several migrations from Drupal to WordPress, always from single-user blogs and with a single content type. Also always Drupal 5.x and 6.x to wordpress 3.x but with Drupal 7 I have had problems and it has mixed the content with the titles and the authors, in addition to having to manage the urls, which we do not have automated.

A lot of manual work but I think the result has been worth it.

Selection of logos

Tonight at 00.00 the deadline for submitting logos for the contest is over and they are still sending us.  

The truth is that many of those who have sent are very good and I would like to ask you which one or which you like best. In other words, it integrates with the blog and forum and represents a little of this website.

Here are the 8 that I liked the most so far. They are in alphabetical order not in order of preference


logo sent by alpoma

2.- Crodesigner

logo submitted by crodesigner

3.- Darklords

logo submitted by darklords

4.- Hugo Louroza

sent by hugo louroza

5. Jamie Shoard

6.- Jamie Shoard's second

7. Lady Ligeia

8.- Siah Designs

You can see all the logos sent from http://99designs.com/contests/7757

If you like one that is not here you can comment on it, although in principle the winner will be chosen from among these.

Greetings and thanks in advance for your opinion 

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  1. Hello, my name is Jose Luis and I like inventions, I have always been thinking about things, ideas etc. I have made some inventions that I have at home such as a water recuperator for the shower and washbasin for the toilet, my own machine Marcianitos and some ideas that I have not gotten to put into motion because I do not focus well with them, if here I can express them and share them I think I would like a lot.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi. I hope you are well. I am writing to you from the Dominican Republic. and in truth I am one of those interested in this CNC machine project. I am civil. but I am addicted to cabinetmaking and design .. I am preparing my company and I have made almost all the machinery ... I do it because I want to prove to myself what I am. Money has not been the problem for me to buy all the machinery. I always wanted to do it since I was a child. I even made a specialty in metallurgy .to make all my machinery with my signature. And I swear to you, good boy ... now let's get to the point ... if I want to make the same machinery on an industrial scale, what kind of motors can I use?


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