I return to the YouTube channel to supplement information

Youtube channel Ikkaro

I've started posting "again" on the Youtube channel. During these years I had left 12 videos about different things, but I have started to publish constantly.

The last three videos that I have recorded correspond to posts that I have also published on the blog, but it will not always be like that. The idea of ​​the YouTube channel is to complement the information on the blog and if I get it, it can have a life of its own. I want to publish certain things that are interesting but that are too simple to have a post of my own or for which the video format is more suitable than the written one.

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The latest videos for you to see if you are interested in subscribing have been:

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View a hidden password

A trick to see passwords that are but hidden. In the blog post extensive information and I show another way of seeing them when we have guided them.

Unlock a mobile with a broken screen

An ideal solution for mobiles with a broken screen that does not respond to touch but can be seen. I leave more cases and resources in this article.

How to make artificial snow

Where I evaluate different methods of making homemade artificial snow. Also corresponds to a blog post

As you can see, the videos show specific things and on the blog I usually expand the information. But not all videos will have a place on the blog, some will only be on YouTube and I think many will interest you.

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